Essentials in poker multi-tabling


One thing that attracts many people to login idnpoker99 is the ability to multi-table. Multi-tabling is enjoyable because you can avoid playing very slow games, you will avoid sloppy dealing and you will do away with stinky degenerated games as well. Not everyone can multi-table. Some poker players lose a lot of money trying to multi-table. If you wish to be a multi-table, it is better that you start learning. This is very important to avoid throwing good poker money away. If you wish to get started with multi-tabling, here are some of the things to do

Before you can multi-table, master one game

If you are a beginner in playing poker, you should not be thinking about multi-tabling. This is because multi-tabling is not for you. Before you can even think of adding more tables, it can be wise of you to try and master one. When you are just a beginner and you are already seeing more than one hand per hour, it means that you will have to make more decisions. For beginners, having to make decisions in several pots can be overwhelming. Beginners might also not be that first to make decisions. Before you even decide on one table, time will be out for the other one. Greedy is one thing that always makes many beginners lose when they are gambling. Instead of trying to play many tables, try to concentrate on one. Get started slowly. No one in the world gets started to buy running before crawling.

Know your tough spot

If you wish to multi-table, you should start by recognizing your tough spot. As Judi online player, it doesn’t matter if you are playing on four or even eight tables. If you find out that your decisions are starting to pile up, it is time that you prioritize your gaming. As a pro in multi-tabling, you have to recognize the decisions that are easy to make. Understand the decisions that are also tough for you. Recognize the spots that are tough for you, take a keen look at the situation, and give it all your brainpower. You can then go round to your other tables that require quick decision making.

Know your limits

A good gambler will always know their limits. This not only in terms of money to stake but also on the tables to play on. Even if you wish to act tough and make the most out of your playing sessions, it will always be wise to only play tables that you are comfortable playing. Every poker player has a critical mass of tables that they can comfortably handle. When you find a comfortable point or number of tables that you can easily handle, you should stick by it. Once you start playing too many tables than what you can handle, chances are you will lose more than you can imagine. You should never lose money because of playing more than you can handle.



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