Everything to know about the slot machine games

If you love to play casino games online on websites like lsm99you would have to know the various games available to play. Slot machine games are the most popular varieties where you could win huge with guessing abilities. Let us discuss these slot games in brief in this article. 

Features of online video slots


Spinning reels – The basic feature of a slot machine is the rotatable reels. If you push the lever of the slot machine or press the spin button online, these reels will start rotating and stop at a moment. There will be three reels in a reel slot, while a video slot will consist of five reels. You could see various symbols or characters printed on these reels, and you have to select anyone from it for your bet. 

Pay lines – As said earlier, you would be selecting a specific character and say that it would come up in the winning combination. Since there would be ten or more characters printed on the reels, there will be a need for an indicator to show a particular set of symbols as the winners. This indicator is known as a pay line in slots. You can simply assume the three or five characters falling below this pay line at the end of your spin as the winning combination and get the payout if it matches with your guess. A reel slot will have only one pay line, while a video slot may have several starting from nine. 

Payout deciders in slot games

Apart from the basic classification of slot machine games as below, several variations will modify the amount you will get as the payout. Let us see some of these below,

Multiplier – A multiplier is a video slot game that will pay you out with the mentioned amount every time you place a coin as your bet. If there is a payout of $10 for one coin, you will get $30 for a game where you spent three coins and win. Likewise, your winning amount will be multiplied with your coin input. 

Bonus Multiplier – Bonus multiplier is also the same as a multiplier slot game. But you would get a reward of an additional game to play if you wager over a limit. So, you will get the payout of your second game as a reward. 

Straight slots – Unlike progressive slots, the winning amount of a straight slot would be fixed, and there will not be any variation with time. You will get the amount specified on the paytable of the slot machine.

Progressive slots – Contrary to the straight slots, you will be playing for an increasing winning amount until you win it. The slot machines in the casino would be connected to send a portion of the wagering amount of every player to this winning amount, known as Jackpot. It is rare to win a progressive slot, but the player would get a bulk amount if he does. 


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