Everything to know about themed slots online

Slot Online is the most preferred game in a virtual casino. Since it is easier to understand the gameplay of these games, more players are attracted to these. There will be various symbols present on three or five reels based on the type of game. You have to choose a symbol that you feel will end up below the horizontal line once the rotation is stopped. You can find different types of slot games based on various factors. In this article, let us discuss the category of themed slots in brief. 

What is meant by themed slots?

If you are playing a slot machine game in a reel machine with ordinary symbols like lines or shapes, you are playing traditional slots. But if you can sense a pattern in the slot machines you are playing, you can name it as a themed slot. Like a theme park, a themed slot will be based on a specific theme that the majority of the people are loving outside the casino world. It can be a movie or a comic. These slots will represent anything popular in the outside world. There will be characters on the reels that resemble a movie’s storyline, music representing the BGM of the movie, animations that you can identify similar to it, and much more. Not only movies, but there are also several categories of themes used in slot machine games. The main objective is to make a player who is not willing to play the slot gameplay it using his favorite theme as a tool. All the modern-day slots will have a theme, and it is rare to find a traditional machine these days. 

Common themes used on slot machines

As said earlier, movie themes will be predominantly used in slot games. But apart from movies, there may be several areas of interest for the players, and the slot machines will cover them also. Some of these commonly used theme categories are as follows, 

  • Movie themes
  • Horror themes
  • Out of the world themes
  • Fruits and kids’ themes


Movie themes – It is rare to find a person who is not interested in movies. Especially, superhero movies and action movies based on comics will have a separate fan base. So, casinos and slot machine providers are acquiring the themes of these movies and storylines to cover a massive set of players.

Horror themes – No one will stand still if he’s in a horrific environment. Everyone will have some fear or joy with the horror genre, and no one will ignore it. So, the casino slots are using the horror genre for their machines. You can find horrific symbols on the reels, terrifying music and animation, lighting, etc.  

Out of the world themes – People use to fall for things that are supernatural and extra-terrestrial. So, if the slot machine theme is on anything out of the world, like a space setup or alien’s land, there will be attention for it. 

Fruit themes – These are the basic themes with fruits as the backdrop


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