Four Asbestos Facts You Should Be Aware Of

There are many kinds of asbestos available on the market, and they are used for a variety of building applications in industrial and residential buildings. The most common form of asbestos is Chrysotile, which is found in the winding section. These are commonly used in fire escapes as well as building adhesive.

Asbestos is a hazardous substance that is no longer used in infrastructure design. Many people are worried about the possibility of asbestos in their homes and are unsure what to do if they think it is there. If you want to learn more about asbestos, here are five essential facts you should remember. The form of Asbestos survey London you need may vary based on the reason for the survey and may change over the lifetime of your property, implying that many will be required over time.

Asbestos in the building is no longer used. 

Asbestos was a substance used in the construction of houses until the end of the twentieth century. It was discovered, however, to cause significant health issues and is no longer used. Similarly, if you are planning a complete industrial roof repair and asbestos has been discovered through a specialist roof survey, you would need to employ an experienced and suitably trained industrial roofing firm specializing in asbestos roofing extraction.

Asbestos is used in a variety of structures.

While asbestos is no longer used in modern building construction, it is still used in many older structures. Pipe insulation, basins, concrete floor tiles, concrete roof sheet metal, walls, interior trim, storage tanks, and other construction materials can contain it. This is not necessarily a concern if the asbestos is enclosed and undamaged, so if you suspect asbestos is found in your property, arranging a survey will help you determine whether or not it presents a risk.

Asbestos Is Hard to Identify 

One of the issues with asbestos is that the impartial observer can’t determine whether or not asbestos is there. It is used in a variety of colors and shapes, including blue, white, and brown asbestos and it can also be combined with other compounds. If you are uncertain, it is always safest to have a reputable survey performed, and you may inquire about this with your commercial roofing contractor if you believe asbestos could be present in your building.

Asbestos Is Harmful to Health

Asbestos use has been linked to a host of dangerous and deadly diseases, namely lung disease and asbestosis. When you own or work in commercial property and suspect that asbestos is present, it is critical that you act immediately and enlist the assistance of a specialist to determine whether or not asbestos is present and then make decisions on any repairs or maintenance works that are needed to ensure the health and welfare of all those who use the property.

The Final Conclusion

Asbestos is a dangerous substance and should be avoided if at all necessary. If you own a commercial building and need to replace an asbestos-containing roof, always employ an asbestos roofing contractor to do the job.


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