Four Important Things You Probably Don’t Know About Divorce Mediation

If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, you must get your settlement right. If you prefer divorce mediation to resolve your issues, you can only get your settlement right when you hire a Massachusetts divorce mediation lawyer. Keep in mind that your settlement impacts you financially and legally. Keep reading to know some important information about divorce mediation:

Your Mediator Can be a Divorce Lawyer

If you choose mediation, make sure to let an experienced divorce lawyer serves as your mediator. A lot of people out there can claim to be a mediator but they may not help you reach mutual decisions. When you choose an attorney, you benefit from their knowledge and experience in the legal field. Choose an attorney who has been practicing in your local jurisdiction. With their awareness of local laws and customs, your attorney can help you avoid making costly mistakes. 

Mediation Involves Structured Discussions

Your mediator will encourage open but structured discussions of matters such as property and asset division, support payments, and custody arrangements. Thus, you and your spouse are expected to disclose financial and asset information as well as your goal for life after divorce. A great mediator will effectively guide and structure discussions, knowing when to interfere as emotions run high. Before you attend mediation, ensure you are ready for the topics you want to be discussed and bring any supporting documents with you. 

Mediators Offer Professional Guidance

Traditionally, a mediator is supposed to allow both parties to determine their case’s outcome without guidance. However, this practice often leads to unfair agreements. Today’s mediators will give advice on what could be expected from the case in court and what’s fair. Your mediation attorney will present information fairly and reasonably, letting you make the best decisions for you. 

Mediators are Neutral Parties

Although divorce mediation can resolve your divorce, mediation won’t let you take advantage of your spouse. A lot of people believe this about mediation. Never expect this from mediation if you want this approach to successfully help you resolve your divorce issues. 

A divorce mediator is neutral in every aspect of your divorce case. If you hire a biased mediator, it is best to find a new one. Just because mediation does not require your spouse to bring their own attorney does not mean you have an edge over them in terms of negotiations and arrangements. Remember that a mediator is there to help both of you work out your divorce-related divorces not to make you fight. 


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