Öbb Information

When we talk about öbb, it is filled with trains that run all over Austria. Information about the train timings is necessary for all the passengers who plan to travel through them. The öbb call center is capable of giving you all the information you want about the trains run by the Austrian Federal Railway Company.

  • Öbb Call Center:

Their customer care service is very efficient and the employees help you will all your queries.

  1. Regional Transport
  2. Long-distance transport
  3. Registrations for disabled groups
  4. Registrations for trips
  5. Ticket bookings

All these are systematically provided on the öbb site on the home page where you will be navigated to the information page. You will find a piece of comprehensive timetable information on the route planner. You can plan your group trips with the help of this planner. Easy navigation by this site can lead to the careful planning of your trip.

  • Other information from the site:

When you want to travel, it is not limited to you. Sometimes people love to take their pet with them and sometimes they want to travel solo on their bicycles. Such information is available in a scattered manner on the internet. Therefore öbb timetable site has brought such information on its own site. You can also find information about the storage of your luggage throughout the travel.

Details about the tariff if known in advance can help them plan the budget of the trip. Therefore even the prices of öbb are provided on each page for booking tickets. You will also find a piece of detailed information about the services provided at the stations for the travelers. The current arrival time of trains along with their departure timings are shown on the site which can easily be viewed on your mobile phone.

The beauty of this site does not end here before we talk about its train journey information. They provide all the information about the train journey and öbb sales. Your train journey will be calm and happy with the help of the öbbwebsite.

  • History of öbb ( Austrian Federal Railways):

Federal Railway Act,1969 made öbb a dependent commercial enterprise. It was considered as a branch of the administration of federal operations, but it was entirely dependent on the federal budget. 1947 was the year when it was no more included in the federal budget. It was still owned by the Republic of Austria though the investments were done by different investors.

The development of high-speed trains, it helped together by AG and Operational Subsidiaries. Every year 450 million passengers travel through the Austrian Federal Railways. All this information has to be given to the people who travel the country. Many foreigners visit the country who want to know the history for their curiosity as well as knowledge. Therefore you must visit the website once in a while and recommend it to your friends who are not familiar with it. You can also suggest the old people call customer care at the time of need.


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