Publishing content that is high quality and how it impacts your SEO objective 

Whatever action you make towards the improvement of social media efforts needs to correspond with your Ottawa SEO objective. With that, you will not end up losing traffic from either side. To find success by the use of social media for SEO, you don’t have to ignore the below tips from SEO companies in Ottawa:

Publish content that is high quality

SEO keeps on evolving, and the search market is not what it was in the past. Google bots as well as the algorithm of search engines have developed, an understanding of the intent of the user and the content quality and relevance.

The above factors enable Google in offering users content that is most relevant based on the search query. In other words, the keyword stuffing is in the past, and the content quality remains supreme. Because of that, ensure that your blog content performs well on social media as well as SEO by creating helpful and well-researched content- making it a priority.

Quality vs quantity

You don’t have to be in a hurry to publish blog posts each day. Instead, you should take your time researching your materials, producing copies that are in-depth and connect with your readers well. One of the great ways of creating quality content is by understanding who your ideal readers are.

You should ensure to get into their shoes, understanding their pain and need points. At the same time, reworking some old blog content is a great way of producing quality blogs. You should get your blogs that are well-performing and add data that is more social signals which improve your SEO.

Also look for blogs that are under-performing, giving them a facelift. You can follow a similar process as you would your blogs which are the best performing. In case your content isn’t doing well, the best approach is by adding materials that are more valuable using the techniques of a skyscraper.

The skyscraper techniques

The technique of skyscrapers is a creative strategy for the content which transforms your post into materials that are link-worth. The concept of a content strategy for a skyscraper is ensuring that your articles end up performing better, outranking your competitors.

Blogs like that come with a higher value for readers and more variations for a keyword that rank on the search engines. The content will end up having the capability for ranking for different terms for keywords. And because it contains a high value, it attracts backlinks that are high quality.

The way the skyscraper technique works

The following fundamental steps should be applied:

  • Get a blog post that performs well on the search that has an amount that is considerable of the backlinks
  • Come up with the same content, making yours be better than what was in the original in terms of thoroughness, length, and up to date
  • Get marketers who were linked to the original piece of the content and contact them to link to your version which is updated

The marketers who found the initial content to be useful to them will willingly link to your content.


Ivy Skye Marshall: Ivy, a social justice reporter, covers human rights issues, social movements, and stories of community resilience.