The Best Viner FrånSpanien

Everyone enjoys having a glass of Viner frånSpanien after a long day. In this article, you will find a list of some top wines from Spain that you can try. There are plenty of people that enjoy wine tasting.But did you know that nowadays you can book a wine tasting session online? You did not, right?There are multiple websites with which you can book your trials. Let us look at the top wines that you must try.



  • Sangria 


Sangria Rita has already become a success! Natural, genuine, and produced in Mallorca in Sweden. In a short time, it has been established as a Premium Sangria in the finest restaurants, during events, on golf courses, and in delicatessens and gourmet shops in Mallorca. In addition, it is already exported to several countries, including Germany, the USA, Luxembourg, and now also Viner frånSpanien. RITA is the first “Gourmet” sangria produced in Mallorca and the production is entirely handcrafted and of high quality. RITA is suitable for many occasions, both as an aperitif and as a cocktail.

  • Herbal Liquor


Produced by leaching various aromatic and medicinal plants from Mallorca in anise, from an old family recipe from 1882. Plants used: Fennel, anise, orange, lemon balm, mint, lemon, rosemary, marjoram, linden, chamomile, and another 20 different plants. One of the classic Viner frånSpanien.

  • Almond liqueur


Almond trees are an important part of the Mallorcan landscape. With the creation of this liqueur, Dos Perellons wants to pay tribute to one of the most beloved fruits in Mallorca, which over the years has become a symbol of the island’s identity. This drink can be enjoyed alone as an aperitif with ice or crushed ice. We recommend always serving it really cold.One of the classic Viner från Spanien.

  • Brandy Suau Orange


It is the result of a blend of SUAU 8 with carefully stored oranges, which brings with itthe significant aroma that makes the product unique.  Appearance of this drink is Dark amber. The Aroma or scent of it is like Aged wood, balanced with citrus tones. The overall Taste is of Clear sweetness, well-aged brandy, well-integrated flavors, with a faint hint of oranges and lemons. Feeling in the mouth or throat after drinking it Something from, without acidity or strong spice, it feels good in the palate with a fresh feeling of sweet orange.

  • Pere Seda Brut Natur 2016


It is Originally marked as DO Pla in Llevant. It is made of Grapes just like Chardonnay and Parellada. The Appearance is Light straw yellow color. Clean and bright. The Aroma is of citrus fruits. The Taste is Dry and refreshing. Balanced and very pleasant, a light acidity gives the wine an elegant freshness. Sleek, fruity, and with a long and refreshing aftertaste. And a nice breadiness that comes from the wine lying on its yeast precipitate. (Traditional Champagne method) It is Suitable for starters, tapas, and light fish dishes. Served between 6-8 degrees. Alcohol content: 12.5%. Volume: 75 cl.


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