What You Need to Know Before You Start- ขนส่งนําเข้าสินค้าจีน (Transport of imported goods from China)

China as a major manufacturing center has made it one of the world’s largest exporters, goods manufactured in China find their way to markets all over the world through various channels, among these, international shipping is the most commonly used for transporting goods from China to other countries.

Sending goods from China poses certain legal implications that need to be carefully considered beforehand. The laws governing importation and export play a large role in how products are transported across borders. In this blog, we will discuss some of the legal intricacies surrounding the transportation of goods from China and what you can do about them, let’s begin!

What is the legal framework for transporting goods from China?

The legal framework for the ขนส่งนําเข้าสินค้าจีน (Transport of imported goods from China) is governed by Chinese regulations, the requirement to import specific goods is governed by foreign regulations, and most often, international shipping is governed by international treaties such as the International Air Transport Association or the International Chamber of Commerce.

These treaties govern the standards and rules for air travel and ensure that rules governing shipping goods from one country to another are standard and comparable. Most often, you will find that the Chinese import/export policy is modeled after the policies of the country of destination.

 So, while you may be allowed to import certain goods into China, the same goods may not be allowed to be exported from another country.

Must all goods shipped from China be accompanied by an Import Certificate?

No, goods imported into China do not require an Import Certificate if your goods are being imported into China, you must inform the Chinese customs authorities that they are being imported, and the import notification must be made on a Chinese government-issued form and contain certain details about the item being imported, the importer, etc.

If you choose to ship your goods from China instead of importing them, there are certain requirements that you must follow. According to the Chinese laws and regulations, you must have a shipping contract with a shipping provider, the goods must be shipped via a sea route, and the goods must be transported in a sea or ocean-going vessel.

Is there a requirement to obtain a bonded warehouse for all goods shipped from China?

Yes, according to the Chinese laws and regulations, all goods that are being imported into China are required to be stored in a bonded storage warehouse, the storage period for imported goods varies depending on the type of goods being imported.

The storage period for a good imported into China is 6 months. It may not be possible to import the same goods again during this 6-month period, after the 6-month period has elapsed, the importer may store the goods in the bonded warehouse.

This period may be extended upon approval from the customs authorities, bonded storage warehouses in China are regulated by Chinese laws and regulations. The importer must obtain a bond from the warehouse operator. The amount of money paid as a bond will depend on the shelf life of the goods.


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