Advantages of Mechanical Gaming Keyboards

With gaming getting more and more popular by the day, more and more brands and companies are launching different types of keyboards, headsets, and such. One of the most popular keyboards is the small mechanical gaming keyboard. They come in different types, brands, and prices.

The two most common types of keyboards are mechanical keyboards and membrane keyboards. Mechanical keyboards are the common types, the sturdy and old 1980s kind. They are built with key switches that comprise 3 components; 

  • The keycap, which is the topmost cap with a letter or number
  • The stem, which is right under a keycap. This is what moves down when you press a letter/ number
  • The houses, which refers to the entire case holding down the entire keyboard components. 

Membrane keyboards are the ‘new’ kind. They are the modern keyboards used in laptops, phones, tablets, and more of such. They are also known as rubber dome keyboards. They also come multiple different types, styles, designs, and from different brands.

Benefits of Using Mechanical Keyboards

The introduction of membrane keyboards did not in any way wipe away the functionality and use of mechanical keyboards. Even with the change in times and technology, mechanical keyboards still stand to be the best types of keyboards to use in gaming. Here is why;


Compared to membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards come with features that last longer and that maintain their high-quality use and functionality. Regardless of the type of brand, most mechanical keyboards are rated between 30 to 70 million clicks/ key presses.

Some go all the way up to 100 million presses. On the other hand, the average lifespan of a common membrane keyboard is at most 5 million clicks. 

Hard to Wear Out

Besides being durable, mechanical switches are hard to wear out. You wouldn’t have problems with cluttering keys or getting stuck. Even after years of typing, mechanical keyboards still feel like the very first time you used them.

Offers Great Feedback and Typing Experience

There are multiple tweaking options with mechanical keyboards. This means you also get multiple switch options with multiple different characteristics. This includes detectable actuation points, additional acoustic feedback, others are optimized specifically for gaming, and others specifically for typing.

High Stability

The fact that mechanical keyboards are heavy means they also have high stability. Unlike the lightweight membrane keyboards or even scissors, you don’t get to worry about the keyboard shifting or moving anyhow. 

Get High Value for Your Money

Buying a small mechanical gaming keyboard could be a high investment. There are also full-size keyboard layouts as well as split types. The choices are many and you only get to choose whatever suits you the most.  These keyboards are more on the pricey side as compared to membrane keyboards. So it is by no surprise that they also come with better, high-quality features, compared to the latter.  

A Range of Options

There are multiple types, styles, and designs of mechanical keyboards and you can get to choose from a variety of options. These are in terms of keys and switches, backlight, the finish and look, as well as multiple features. You can also choose the models with silent keyboards if click sounds are a problem for you.


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