Agriculture Land Mortgage: The Difference Between a Conventional Loan and an Agricultural Loan

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Before you take out a loan to finance your needs, it helps to identify the different types as well as the differences. This will help you gain a better understanding of the industry as well as what exactly it entails. This will also outline the expectations from you as you pay back your loans, such as interest, mortgages, and more technicalities.

The two most popular types of loans up for consideration for agriculture land mortgage are conventional loans and agricultural loans. Knowing the differences between a conventional loan and agricultural land mortgage loan will help you determine the best fit for your budget and needs.


What Is A Conventional Loan?

A conventional loan is any type of mortgage loan. This is typically not guaranteed or insured by the government, which includes departments like the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Agriculture loan programs, or the Federal Housing Administration. This is not granted by the government but you may secure it through private lenders which include credit unions, banks, mortgage companies, and more.

Features Of Conventional Loan

Conventional loans have a fixed interest rate. This means that the interest rate stays consistent from beginning to end and will not change. Since these are not guaranteed by the government, they have stricter lending requirements that ensure the credibility of the loaner. This means that mortgages with “no verification” or “no down payment” are no longer being supported.
Conventional loans work by applying with an official mortgage application which usually comes with a fee. Then, you need to supply the lender with your personal information and the necessary documents to back your identity and credibility. Then, they will do a standard background check which includes checking your current credit score as well as your credit history.


What Is Agricultural Loan?

As the name implies, this type of loan is specifically for projects related to the field of agriculture. This includes activities like hog raising, poultry, farming, purchase of farming equipment, fishing, and other livelihoods in the field. This type of loan also extends to fishing boat financing, agricultural infrastructures, and more.

Agricultural loans are perfect for people seeking to make a fortune in the world of agripreneurship. This is where traditional agricultural practices meet business expertise to create a profitable agribusiness. If this seems like your line of work, then you should take out an agricultural loan.

Features Of Agricultural Loan

Agricultural land mortgage loans are open for farmers, ranchers, hobby farmers, and other individuals who operate in the countryside estates. This also extends to equestrian facilities, groves, dairy farms, and more. The best part about agricultural loans is how they take into consideration factors like the return of investments. These protect farmers from the natural calamities that may affect their income generation. As such, companies like offer up to 30 years of amortization without any prepayment penalties.

The said company also has a minimum loan amount of $250,000 which comes with a 70% loan to value. You will need a personal assessment before the best program that suits your needs will be offered to you.


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