Are You Thinking About Going to a Christian Addiction Treatment Center?

Addicts around the world need an addiction treatment program that will work for them. There are many options to consider and what works for one person may not work for another. This is why every person should explore all treatment options available to them before making their final decision. When you know what to expect in a faith-based recovery program, you can make better decisions and you will have more success with your addiction treatment.

Faith based recovery program: What To Expect. Addiction is a crisis of both body and mind, many believe that faith is the key to healing. The medical field recognizes that addiction is truly a multi-faceted disorder that affect an individual physically, mentally, and spiritually. Since this disease often times begins in the spiritual realm, faith-based recovery programs are designed to help an individual achieve a sense of spiritual freedom. While some people go through spiritual cleansing as part of their treatment, those who are more deeply rooted in their religion can receive additional guidance from their faith tradition.

Spiritual and religious addicts often times go through extremely difficult times in their lives. They need help to deal with the temptations of the outside world while still having the capacity to hold onto their spiritual beliefs. Faith-based recovery programs address these issues by allowing an individual to fully participate in their faith tradition while still undergoing treatment at a faith-based treatment center. This type of program allows people to heal not only from emotional and physical ailments but also from their spiritual ones.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse: What to Expect in Faith Based Recovery Programs. Those with a strong faith background often times suffer from a substance abuse or dependence on drugs or alcohol. If you suffer from a serious addiction and have exhausted all other options, it may be time to consider entering into a faith-based drug and alcohol rehab program. These treatment centers utilize faith-based recovery programs focus on helping addicts overcome addiction while still maintaining strong moral standards. While these programs focus on overall spiritual wellbeing, there is still a heavy emphasis placed on treating the physical body as well.

While many non-religious rehab centers will only offer a short term stay, faith-based treatment programs offer inpatient care that allows patients the ability to stay clean and sober on an outpatient basis. Patients who are attending spiritual programs are more likely to stay clean and sober than those who are attending secular programs.

This is because the spiritual aspect of any therapy or recovery program allows an individual to remain focused on their goals while receiving extensive treatment from professionals. During treatment, individuals who are attending faith-based programs are taught not to self-medicate. Individuals are taught that true healing comes from within. This means that addicts are able to receive the healing they need without having to consume addictive substances on their own.


Ivy Skye Marshall: Ivy, a social justice reporter, covers human rights issues, social movements, and stories of community resilience.