Bellakliniken: The Best Place for Plastic Surgery and Treatments for Men

Plastic surgeries and treatments are not limited to women alone. According to studies, men are the leading customers when it comes to several surgeries and treatments, this means that even men have the insecurity that most women feel. In cosmetic surgery, CoolSculpting, tummy tuck, and eyelid surgery are the common procedures most men choose to have. Generally, there are no small or big sacrifices when it comes to surgery, even treating your wrinkles and drooping eyelids are somewhat great steps to consider because it is one of the important things that should be enhanced in getting back the confidence that you once lost.  Below are the plastic surgeries and treatments that Bellakliniken offers to men: 


In general, there is a great difference between fat loss and weight loss. For instance, when you do exercise and diet, there is the possibility of losing weight but it won’t mean that fat cells will disappear from your body, they may turn smaller in size only. With the help of CoolSculpting, you can get rid of all the unnecessary fats in your body for good. This cosmetic method is already proven effective by many as it is effective, permanent, and safe for it won’t affect our skin tissue during the procedure. The body only transports the dead cells naturally while decreasing the thick fat all over it giving a visible natural look.


This plastic surgery procedure tightens the skin and muscles by the use of incision done through the edge of the pubic hairs and out of the hip bones, extra skin is detached from the surface and is draped over and being sewn together. It only takes two hours to perform under anesthesia which is a short time sacrifice is having the desired look you want to achieve on. 


This procedure is performed first by injecting several anesthetics into the operated area. The unnecessary fats are being sucked out by the use of thin tubes inserted on the skin, then the tip of the thin tubes is making a quick vibration as it breaks the fats away giving a smoother and finer outcome. This method can be done within two hours under anesthesia and local anesthesia. 


In stretching the facial muscle, the skin of the face tightens and places in a new position. To do this, an incision is placed behind the ears, along the front edge of the era, and in the hairline making it visible to as little as possible.  After the surgery, you will feel that your face is swollen and stiff which is pretty normal as it is but after the first week of operation, it will reduce the swelling and pain giving you a partial amazing look you always desire to have back. 

There are still more to the following cosmetic procedures that men are engaged in. You are an inspiring man who wants to try one of the procedures above, do not hesitate to visit their clinic. They are waiting for you to come! 


Ivy Skye Marshall: Ivy, a social justice reporter, covers human rights issues, social movements, and stories of community resilience.