Benefits of Professional Commercial Cleanouts

Commercial cleanouts can be a daunting task to undertake, especially if timed poorly or not adequately planned. Often messes accumulate over time or after specific events. These can take the form of junk, unused office equipment, or excess supplies and take up valuable space. If you’re planning for a commercial cleanout, it’s essential to acknowledge that it takes a well thought out plan and time to execute successfully. In this blog post, we’ll share tips and tricks to make your commercial cleanout efficient and manageable.

1. Establish what needs to go.

Before you start your commercial cleanout, identify non-essential items that need to be removed. Divide these into three categories; recycle, reclaim, and dispose of. Office supplies like paper, computers and printer ink can be recycled, while office furniture and interior décor can be reclaimed or donated. Designate a specific pile for items that cannot be recycled, reclaimed or donated but need to be disposed of.

2. Organize every space.

Once you have separated non-essential items, it’s time to start organizing the space that needs cleaning. Assign a specific area for each pile to encourage efficiency. All items in the recycle pile should be stacked in one space, while those in the reclaim pile should be in a different space. Using large trash bags to stack items for disposal will save time during cleanup. Clearing one space of all items then working on the next, creates a sense of accomplishment and progress while cleaning.

3. Work in a timeline.

A commercial cleanout plan must mark the timelines and allocate time for the designated tasks. Estimate how long each space would take to clear, and decide the order in which they need to be cleaned. Schedule breaks between each area to keep the worker’s energy levels high and motivated.

4. Prepare the necessary equipment.

Prepare equipment necessary for the commercial cleanout process, including gloves, boots, helmets, dust respirators, old uniforms, and safety shoes. These items are necessary as employees will be dealing with debris, dust, and non-essential items. To avoid accidents, employees must wear personal protective equipment at all times.

5. Work with a professional team.

Working with a professional team is the wisest move to make if you want a commercial cleanout to run efficiently. Professional cleaning companies bring the expertise, skill, and equipment necessary to clean up any commercial space, allowing businesses to focus on their core operations. Professional cleaning teams also have specialized knowledge of junk, unused equipment, and excess supply removal and disposal methods. Commercial cleanouts require adequate planning and preparation to succeed. With our tips and tricks, commercial cleanouts can be made manageable and efficient. Take the time to establish what needs to go and organize every space. Working in a timeline, preparing the necessary equipment and working with a professional cleaning company ensures a thorough, safe and efficient commercial cleanout process. Remember, an office cleanout can refresh the workspace, promote productivity and pave the way for a more organized and effective business practice.


Ivy Skye Marshall: Ivy, a social justice reporter, covers human rights issues, social movements, and stories of community resilience.