Clearing Clogged Drains

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canalisation bouché doesn’t allow the water to flow properly down the drain. If you have a large pool of standing water that doesn’t clear away, then there is a good chance that it is occurred due to a canalisation bouché. You can wear rubber gloves and pick up the debris from the sink yourself to clear the canalisation bouché.

Plungers are also appreciated to clear a canalisation bouché. The plunger should be moved in and out to clear the blockage. It might take a lot of time to clear the clogs, but be patient with the process. Run some hot water for some time for further clearing. If the clogs are complicated and need dismantling the pipe system, please call a plumber as early as possible.


Septic tank clogs

It is hard to figure out where the clogs are located. Sometimes the owner of the house can have difficulty in understanding whether the clog is in the pipe or the septic tank. The proof of a clog in the septic tank is that all the lower drains in the house are slow and do not clear out quickly. This happens because those pipes are the closest to the septic tank. They can also make weird gurgling sounds. It’s difficult for a person with little knowledge of plumbing to be able to fix the clogs in septic tanks.


To prevent clogs, the septic tank should be pumped occasionally. If you suspect a clog in the septic tank, call a professional immediately and ask them to pump off the waste blocking the channel. Please don’t clean your septic tank with chemicals as they can kill the good bacteria needed for the decomposition of the sewage from the house. Ask the advice of septic service for maintaining and clearing the canalisation bouché.

Sometimes, the pipes leading to the septic tank from the house get blocked by a tree branch. This situation might need a change of pipe to run the wastewater smoothly.


The drain field is an area of land specifically designed to purify the semi-treated wastewater coming from the septic tanks. It is usually located in your yard, on a flat earth surface. The wastewater gets naturally filtered by the soil in the drain field. Sometimes clogs can happen in the drain field. Lack of maintenance of the drain field is usually the reason why clogs are formed. Hence the drain field should be changed, for the proper functioning of the septic system. This usually happens when a lot of solid waste gets clogged up in the pipe leading to the drain field. 

Sometimes when you walk on the drain fields or drive cars over them, the pipes can get crushed and non-functional. This will lead to difficulties in the wastewater flowing to the drain field, which causes the septic tanks to back up more sludge.


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