Common side effects of abusing club drugs

The modern day drug users have been known to use more than just tobacco and marijuana. A lot of people are turning to anesthetics and anti-depressants which tend to alter the consciousness of the users. It is therefore best that the side effects to most of these club drugs are assessed to increase awareness and reduce the dependency people have on these drugs. Below, you will find a list of the commonly club drugs being abused today and the various adverse effects they bear on those that use them.


Ecstasy is the top club drug on our list that people should watch out for. It is commonly abused by the modern day teenagers and may leave the users overheating and experiencing dehydration due to the increased body temperature experienced. The brains stimulations caused by it will have psychedelic effects on the user where their behavior may be altered. Some of the common side effects that there are to using ecstasy include coma, seizures, muscle cramps and even diaphoresis. The drug can be very lethal to your health when used with other drugs like alcohol.


Ketamine or 2-fdck as it is called in the streets is a common drug being abused by many for fun purposes. The drug is a sedative which can be used for both veterinary surgeries and human ones tend to work based on the dosages that are used. People use it today to escape reality and experience dream state when awake. The use of this drug can have an effect on your blood pressure, focus and even slow down your breathing process. There have been cases of suffocation of victims so users might want to be cautious over the amounts of the drug they use.


Its famous street name is crank or speed and has been used in the medical industry as a stimulant. Lately the drug called speed has been used as drugs for hallucination needs, dealing with anxiety and panic. The users claim to feel confident and best yet alert and even energetic than normal. The drug can however alter or reduce the appetite of the users and worse still it is a probable cause for serious cases of insomnia. Prolonged use of the drug for recreational purposes can lead to an addiction which when not stopped might cause irreversible damages to your kidney, heart, liver and even lungs.


Gamma Hydroxibutyrate is a depressant that is meant to be used for central nervous system. A lot of people especially the youths are using GHB for partying purposes because of the sedation effects it can cause. The sedative effect only lasts in the human body for about 5 hours however excessive use of the same could end up causing long-term effects on the users. Prolonged loss of consciousness is among the most common side effects that users can experience. Just like ketamine, GHB could also lead to seizures, coma and even possible death in the event that first aid help is delayed.


Ivy Skye Marshall: Ivy, a social justice reporter, covers human rights issues, social movements, and stories of community resilience.