Common tools used to create cosplay props



I love cosplay, and as an experienced cosplayer, I love to make cosplay props. Some of these props are beautiful and complicated, some are small and delicate, and I’m sure you’d love to make your own props, wouldn’t you? Today I’d like to recommend some of the tools I use to make cosplay props, if you’re interested, you can learn more about them and we can share our experiences and feelings with each other.


Tools commonly used in making props:

(These are my personal experiences, you can try them out for yourself)

  1. Scissors – scissors do not have any major requirements, generally the knife we use in life.
  2. Pliers – I suggest you go to a hardware store and look for the latest pliers, the ones with a spring between the handles. I think the newer pliers with a spring will be easier to use for a long time, but the ones without a spring will work as well. 
  3. Hot melt glue – I bought different types of hot melt glue, both thick and thin. Personally, at least the ones I bought – the coarse ones melt slower and don’t work as well; the fine ones melt faster but tend to drip all over the place. I prefer the fine ones. Speaking of “glue gun” (a substitute for hot melt glue), I don’t like to use it for personal reasons, it’s more convenient and won’t burn me, but it leaves a lot of extra marks and I don’t feel comfortable looking at it.

By the way, a little common sense – for those of you who use a lighter to burn sticks, are you frustrated with the blackness? Remember, use the edge of the flame to burn it, not the head of the flame, so it won’t get black as easily.

  1. Wire – the hardware store has it, both thick and thin. You can buy them together with the color, or you can buy them without the color (buy them and color them yourself). The advantage is that it can be colored in any color, and it’s definitely enough for photography!
  2. Pigments, e.g. acrylics, spray paint, etc. – Again, let’s talk about personal experience. Personally, I prefer acrylics because I can paint in more detail, but spray paint is more convenient, so it’s up to you. Another advantage of acrylics is that they can be used to mix colors, so they produce more colors.

PS: If you use spray paint, the best place to paint is outdoors.

Generally speaking, a cosplay prop can’t be made without the above tools, but it’s not an easy task to complete a prop. If I had the chance, I could publish a tutorial on how to make a cosplay headdress (in the Chinese style, would you be interested in reading it?). If you don’t have time and don’t know where to buy cosplay props andcosplay costume, you can go to the Crazecosplay website and search for them, I’m sure you’ll find the cosplay props you need at Crazecosplay!



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