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Community service is one of the things that many people run away from as they don’t see it as profiting their pocket. Many individuals that have the capacity to make the world a better place haven’t taken the step because they seek a gain. Jordan Sidoo, a young man from Vancouver, values services and gives his best to make the community a better place. He believes in giving to the world and ensuring that those that want to get help get what they need from time to time.

Jordan Sidoo is the youngest son of David Sidoo, a professional businessman in Canada. He has the spirit of progress as what raised him, and he gives everywhere he goes. He was well raised by his father, Mr David, who ensured that his sons had a good taste of what charity is all about. His family has a charity organization where he has displayed good height of leadership skills and loves to give back to the community. He is not restricted by his age to think and work things to bring out a result. He loves to work and gives his time to helping the community.

From his young days, Jordan Sidoo has been the type that doesn’t joke with responsibilities. He diligently works to see that progress is attained when necessary. His desire for success is likened to the heart of his father, who is a successful businessman with a difference. Jordan Sidoo passion for nonprofit work has made him spare a lot to set the ground, and that has made many young people want to do the same. He is a role model to many, and he strives to give his best.

Jordan Sidoo has won many awards that are rare for people of his age. He has been given an award by the government for his service to the community as a youngster, and he has that heart of service everywhere he goes. He completed high school in Vancouver and made his headway to the university of south California Berkeley. His life focus is to help those that are less fortunate and to make sure that the community is a better place for all. His passion for seeing life get better is on the high side.

Jordan Sidoo is a young professional that shows his excellent skills everywhere he goes. From Saint George’s Academy in Vancouver to the university in California, his academic story is of excellence. He is a pure breed of good work and excellent performance. He co-founded a tech company that is still existing. He also has many achievements that make the world better, like the scholarship program for student-athlete in high school and college. Jordan Sidoo understands what an average person goes through to complete his education in the school of his choice and build a good career. He knows the current financial state of many people, and that made him launch his scholarship program to help eligible students get help to pay at least the tuition fees.


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