Here’s Why You Should Use A Bong For Smoking

Nothing beats a bong for a pleasurable smoking experience. The idea of smoking via water is almost as ancient as the habit of smoking itself. But why did humanity decide to invent a new way to consume therapeutic herbs?

A Bong was probably developed since the first people who opted to construct one out of a bamboo tube. But, of course, all of this extra screening has its own set of advantages. So let’s look at some of the benefits of using a bong.

Generates Smoother Hits

Inhaling cannabis by combustion (smoking) has many disadvantages; one of them may irritate the throat. In addition, when hot smoke enters the lungs via joints, blunts, or dry pipes, it generates a burning sensation that may deter beginners (or people who are not used to smoking).

The smoke in a bong cools down in the bongwater before being inhaled, resulting in a smoother hit. Of course, you’ll cough sometimes, but smoking from a bong is much healthier than smoking in general.

Filtrations Are Improved

When you set anything on fire, carcinogens are produced. Unfortunately, a bong will not eliminate all toxins and other pollutants. However, since the water in the bong filters out hazardous chemicals, the number of poisonous molecules entering your lungs substantially decreases.

Furthermore, water removes unpleasant combustion byproducts such as tar. Swallowing a sticky ash piece is one of the most uncomfortable aspects of herb smoking, as any seasoned toker can attest. The ash and tar particles in bongs stay in the water and do not enter your mouth. Add an ash-catcher attachment to your bong if you want an even cleaner experience.

MoldAnd Bacteria Are Reduced

Bongwater traps bacteria and mold, limiting the number of microorganisms in the air you breathe. Marijuana smokers are notorious for sharing joints, pipes, and bongs, potentially spreading illnesses. When you use a bong, some contaminants are filtered via the water rather than your lungs.

Replenish the water between smoking sessions to get the most out of your bong. Weekly thorough cleaning with alcohol and Epsom salt is also recommended. If you’re sharing a bong, use an alcohol swab to wipe the mouthpiece between smokers to prevent sharing more than your high.

Better Outcome

Many experienced stoners prefer a glass bong. What is the reasoning for this? It is the only option for customers to rip enormous amounts of data. In theory, you could fill the container with smoke and inhale it all at once. Massive hits may not be the best way to consume a herb, but they can certainly be entertaining. After all, it only takes a few bongs pulls to get the party started.

Novice users should exercise caution and gradually increase their hits.

Extremely Enjoyable

A Bong isn’t only functional; it may also serve as an excellent conversation starter. Glass is a versatile material that comes in a broad range of colors. In addition, because of the moldability of glass, artists may design innovative bongs in an infinite number of shapes.


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