Hip-hop Panda from PG Slot with a Tweak in Slot Gambling

Online slot gambling reminds us of pg slot in the first place. It is one of the best service providers with numerous unique slot games and exciting rewards. Its popularity is so much that most gamblers search if it is one of the service providers for any gambling website in general. 

One main reason for the pg slot being one of the most preferred platforms is the choice of games. Every slot game from this service provider is intriguing in every possible way. Hip-hop Panda is one such game from this platform that fascinated us so much. Here is a peek into the game and its features. 

Hip-hop Panda – Gameplay: 

Hip-hop Panda from pg slot is a simple and easy slot game. It is a classic 3×3 game with 30 pay lines. In this game, beating the banker would fetch the player a winning percentage of around 96. The following are some in-game rules that help understand the game better: 

  • There is a shaft in this game present above the reels. It acts as a bonus multiplier throughout the game. 
  • There are five different spins at the beginning of each spin. However, the Wild, Bomb, and the Free spins are not included in them. 
  • If a player has any one of the winning symbols or if the symbols match with those on the reels, the bonus multiplier activates. Then the winning symbol sets are multiplied by the value of the symbol pair’s multiplier. 
  • The bonus multiplier begins the count from left to right. 
  • As soon as the spin for every game begins, all the multipliers on the bonus reels are reset to the value two. 
  • The highest value a bonus multiplier can take during the main spins is x30. 
  • New symbols are added between the layers as soon as each explosion takes place in the game. 

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  • The website offers free spins to winning players so that they grab additional rewards. These spins are available for every player on special occasions. 
  • The website hosts more than a hundred different slot games to engage users all the time. Users can switch between different games as and when they feel bored of a particular game. 
  • If the user finds it difficult to understand any service from the website or any game, customer service is always available. Players can use any of the different communication modes to interact with the service providers. 


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