Hollywood Vanity Mirror With Lights – The Perfect Way To Add A Little Light To Your Life

Have you ever wondered what your friends were doing during a concert or a party? Or, maybe you’ve found yourself searching for a friend or a family member during the night. Well, now you can just ask the wall. 


The wall can find people—and they’ll tell you exactly where they are. But, of course, this comes at a price. Vanity mirrors aren’t exactly something you can find in bulk—and they can be quite expensive. 


Luckily, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have one of those luxury items you see in the movies. A cheap, simple vanity mirror with lights is just what the doctor ordered.


What Are Vanity Mirrors?


Vanity mirrors are mirrors that have been painted to look like a piece of furniture or wall decoration. The vanity mirror is meant to be hung on the wall, usually in a bathroom or bedroom. When you have guests over, you can simply stand it up in the middle of the room so everyone can see themselves in it. 


This is perfect for those who like to keep their home details simple—and who doesn’t like to spend a small fortune on their bathroom’s acrylic organizer or bedroom decorations?


A vanity mirror is generally smaller and less expensive than a full-size mirror, and it can be convenient to keep it on a table or side table rather than having to move a full-size mirror around to each room in your house.


How To Set Up A Vanity Mirror With Lights


If you’re not an electrical pro or you’re not sure where to start when it comes to installing lights and decor, this guide is a great start for you. 


The guide will walk you through setting up a hollywood vanity mirror with lights to add a little light to your life.


First, you’ll need to decide where you’ll mount your light source. Generally, you’ll want to use a light that can be placed in a standard light fixture. So, if your vanity mirror has a light bulb already installed in it, you can use that light source. 


If not, you’ll need to purchase a lighting adaptor that will allow you to change out the light bulb in your vanity mirrors.


Next, you’ll need to decide where you’ll hang your light source. Since light travels in waves, you’ll want to place it so it fluctuates back and forth with the waves in the room. Since mirrors typically reflect light in waves, they’re a great choice for this.


Finally, you’ll need to decide on how you’ll hang your light source. Since you’ll be mounting your light source in a standard light fixture, you can usually just screw it into the light fixture and have it hung freely. 


But if you want to add a little more sophistication to your look, you can purchase a candelabra or any other style light fixture and mount your light source inside of it. This way, your light source will look like it’s floating in the air, rather than being physically stuck in the light fixture.


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