How To Be A Great Office Manager: Essential Qualities And Skills By Ashlee Morgan

Being at the heart of an organization, an office manager wears many hats. They are the wheels keeping the operation running, from organizing workflows and managing staff to maintaining office supplies and resolving any issues that can slow down the business. If you’re an office manager or aspire to be one, here are some top attributes that make a great office manager.

Be Ultra-Organized

Organization is the key to successful office management. With many tasks at hand, such as scheduling, procurement, and delegation, ability to prioritize and manage time effectively is paramount. Implement robust systems and adopt tools that promote organization.

Strong Communication Skills

Office managers are the pivot point for all communication within an office, says Ashlee Morgan. Be it relaying instructions, broadcasting changes in policy, or consulting with upper management, excellent communication skills are a must. An efficient office manager is not only a good speaker but also an active listener.

Proactive Problem Solver

Issues can arise at any time in a workplace, and their consequences can be damaging if not attended to promptly. A great office manager is always prepared to trouble-shoot and come up with effective solutions on the fly. Office managers need to have good people skills, as they will be dealing with employees and customers on a daily basis. They should also be able to handle pressure well, since many situations will require quick thinking.

Remarkable Interpersonal Skills

As the office manager, you deal regularly with people, saysAshlee Morgan. You handle staff needs, manage relationships within the team and interact with clients, suppliers, and upper management. To succeed, you need to build good rapport and trust with all stakeholders. A good office manager is always on the lookout for new opportunities to improve. You are goal-oriented and work well under pressure.

Ability To Multitask

The office manager’s role is diverse. You may be required to oversee various functions, such as HR, finance, and facility management, all at once. The capacity to juggle tasks, maintaining effectiveness, and efficiency is a distinguishing quality in excellent office managers.


Office management today heavily relies on technology. From emailing and report creation to video conferencing and database management, daily tasks need one to be competent with different software and systems. Keep abreast of technological advancements to increase productivity. Being able to use technology is not enough. You should also be able to manage your time effectively and efficiently.


Being a great office manager means being able to adapt to any situation, no matter how difficult. You need to be able to handle your employees’ needs and wants, as well as the changing demands of your clients. You must also be willing to make changes in your own life, because it will be necessary for you to do so in order to meet these demands.


Without a doubt, office management is a challenging role, but with the right attributes, it can also be highly rewarding. Nurture these skills and keep pushing the envelope, and you’ll not just manage your office; you’ll lead it.


Ivy Skye Marshall: Ivy, a social justice reporter, covers human rights issues, social movements, and stories of community resilience.