How to identify a good security cabinet to fit your needs

Security cabinets help in safely keeping files and documents, among other valuables. They are like the standing safes, but the difference comes in their sizes. They also serve specific purposes. In selecting the security cabinet, you need to know what you need. These storage security cabinets provide the perfect storage of expensive and heavy items. They include office stationery, electronic devices, power tools, and mobile phones.

How will you choose the right cabinets and containers? How will you safely store your assets and information? Let’s check the important aspects.

The casing

The cabinet must have a steel case. The case should have a guaranteed thickness resistance to any possible attacks. The recommendation for many common cabinets is 1.5 mm, but you can get the 3 mm thickness if you need extra security. The cabinet casing should have holes that allow firm fixing on the floor and or the wall. They need wall fixing using the anchor dowels.

The dowels are large with fitted pull-resistant tabs. They offer maximum resistance as per the wall type. Chemical anchor dowels are highly recommended.

The cabinet material should be safe against any tempering. For increased safety, the material shouldn’t permit cut-throughs and easy breakage.


Housing the lock mechanism is a critical security aspect. The door should have the following security features:

Material thickness

The door needs to be made from strong materials like steel. The door thickness should be more than that of the casing. It should be at least 2 mm to 6 mm for the armored cabinets.


The hinges must be of quality steel, large, and joined to the door and case using strong welds to reduce breaking. The hinge pins must have a large steel diameter of at least 7 mm.

Pull resistant hinge side

It protects against any attempt to pull the door using a leaver.

Attack proof ledges

Like safe doors, security cabinets doors must rest on all sides. They have a special frame attack-proof ledges to aid in this. The frame increases the thickness to enhance security. The frame can be 8mm thick.

Opening knob

Electronic cabinets must have an opening knob that has a programmed breakage point. The breakage point allows it to break when forced. It doesn’t damage internal mechanisms and leaves space for burglary tools.

Opening mechanism

Despite the lock type, electronic or mechanical, the internal mechanism is pure steel. It doesn’t have any plastic parts to resist attacks. For the electronic lock, it must have the following extra measures:

  • If the cabinet has a display, the internal must have a steel plate. It protects the internal mechanism from burglary tools.
  • Electromagnets that control deadbolt movement? It must have steel plate protection to prevent unlawful activation.

Will the visually impaired use the security cabinet electronic locks? It’s a must to have audible confirmation commands and braille references.


The above is the construction features you need to look at in any security cabinet. They guarantee resistance to any security threats and attacks. A keyless entry system into the cabinet is a very secure option.


Ivy Skye Marshall: Ivy, a social justice reporter, covers human rights issues, social movements, and stories of community resilience.