How to Select the Appropriate Leather Holster?

There are many individuals who like well-constructed leather holsters. But that doesn’t mean that the synthetic holsters are not well enough.They can also be very effective, but it depends on individual’s taste most certainly.

However, not all leather holsters are made equal, so let’s take a look at the advantages of a high-quality leather holster for your pistol. Know that you may choose the custom leather holsters from various service providers.

Locate the welt

A good holster will have a welt stitched between the pieces where they connect. The welt, which is constructed from a strip of strong leather is preferred. It will be bonded and stitched to the holster’s ends to provide additional strength and stiffness.

Fit of the belt

You should have your holster in the width of the belt you want to wear with it. Many prefer belts with a 1.75-inch width, although many people use 1.5-inch belts. It is all up to the person or gun owner who is going to use it.

Understand that your holster on a cartridge belt will provide you satisfactory service. If it measures 2.25, 2.5, or 3 inches broad, have the holster customized to suit. This secures the holster in place when drawing and in motion. It’s very inconvenient, to say the least, to have your holstered hog leg slide back and forth like a mop bucket on a boat deck.


An excellent and quality holster should be constructed of thick, stiff leather. Additionally, you may have a leather holster wrapped around your gun of the animal skin you prefer.

Inverted gun fit

According to research, a good holster will fit the pistol snugly enough that the gun owner may flip the holstered handgun over. While doing that it will stay shucked. You may choose to believe this hypothesis or not. But you may use some facts to consider the fitness situation of your gun and holster.

The truth is that not all holsters will fit with your height, body, attire, etc. This however does not detract from the piece’s quality because you can have additional measures to fix the situation.for example- you can buy two types of holsters for different seasons. It can vary regarding the materials or the size. However, many are these days considering crossdraw holsters.

When it comes to lined holster, know thatit is a soft leather attachment to the holster’s inside. In principle, it could provide a small amount of friction. This way it will increase the gun’s grip. and might potentially preserve a blued gun’s finish if kept clean and dust free by yourself.

Retention mechanisms

It is preferable to use a holster with a retention mechanism that secures the pistol or firearm in place. There are many options in this matter which you can utilize. Research says that the hammer thong is a leather strip or string that is wrapped around the revolver’s hammer or the grip portion. It secures the pistol and is removed from the hammer prior to drawing.


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