How To Sell A Car To Buy Or Pawn A Car

There are situations when a car owner urgently needs to sell his car. The reasons can be different: suddenly moving to another country, buying a new car, family situation, etc. It is extremely difficult to find a real buyer in a short time, but a pawnbroker can be the solution. Delivery to a car pawn shop is entirely legal and takes minimal time. Money on the security of a car is issued immediately. If they don’t return at the agreed time, the car becomes the pawnbroker’s property. If the money is returned, the owner freely takes the car. Continue to read more (อ่านต่อ which is the term in Thai)

How Is The Sale Of A Car To A Pawn Shop?

To sell a car, you must have documents proving ownership. A general power of attorney with the right to sell will also work. The procedure for registering the transfer of the car is as follows:

The owner delivers the car to the site of the pawnshop.

The expert checks the technical condition of the presented car: and determines whether the vehicle complies with the documents (checks the identification numbers of the car), after which he makes an assessment, having previously familiarized himself with similar offers market via the Internet.

An agreement is signed with a “security ticket.” If the deposit received by the owner of the car is not returned, the car becomes the pawnbroker’s property.

The grace period lasts about a month, after which the car is auctioned. If it is not sold in the first auction, it is put up for sale in the second, and so on.

In reputable car pawnshops, the sale of a car does not even take half a day. The managers work there quickly and professionally because they understand the meaning of “urgent.” Today, many purchases work around the clock. They offer a free expert call and draw up a sales contract on the same day. It’s handy, especially when you need the money. Many buy cars in any condition (after an accident, irreparable, legally problematic, etc.).

Professional Car Valuation Takes Into Account All Price Factors

Selling a car for purchase today is much more profitable than five years ago. The amounts paid are increasing, and the quality of service is improving. Perhaps shopping and pawnshops will soon replace hand-to-hand trading. They are already working on private ads, and at least half of the sellers of their cars turn to these sites. Car buying can help those who don’t have time to sell their car in person. Finding a buyer without lowering prices is hard enough. Yes, and while you find it, you will have to meet more than one person; each organizes a “bride” and a free test drive. Often, after a few “inactive” buyers, the seller decides to go buy.

On A Note

Unlike a car buyout, a pawnbroker can give money out of the security of a car. The purchase is generally not committed to the loan. In principle, money for car security can also be obtained in the bank, but the registration procedure there is more complicated and time-consuming. In addition, the bank, as a rule, does not grant a loan in an amount more significant than the guarantee of more than 50%.


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