How to use Instagram to keep your followers entertained?

If you are living in this era, you should be thankful because of the blessings we are experiencing of today’s advanced technologies are great and huge. If you take the business sector for example, you will realize how the marketing field and strategies have changed over years.

Now, with the help of social media marketing, no on has to go outside from their house and still run a successful business. According to a survey, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms among other ones. Maybe Instagram and Facebook are kind of similarly used by the users all over the world. If you compare the popularity, maybe people know Facebook for a long time, but Instagram is being used daily by more users.

Data tells us that in 2010, Instagram has first started its journey and since then it has been inside people’s heart. Due to immense popularity of this platform, the CEO and creator of Facebook, the renowned Mark Zuckerberg has bought Instagram right after a few months later of its invention.

Since then the platform has gained more fame and with time it has evolved to something amazing from just a simple photo sharing app. Businesses, popular brands, so many influencers, most celebrities, etc are currently use their Instagram account to connect with more ‘seguidores Instagram.’

Every business owner should know that regardless of the size of the business they have, anyone can become successful by utilizing their Instagram account properly.

Now, a small thing you need to remember which is that you will need real followers on your Instagram account to gain fame or else the Instagram authority runs an algorithm which can detect the seguidores no Instagram.

Know that people have been using Instagram for entertainment purposes mostly. But in this pandemic, many of them have been trying to use their time and talent in other ways. Those who have already an online business, they are doing everything they can to conseguirseguidores. If you are an influencer and have an Instagram account, you should follow some basic things to entertain your users.

Here, we will talk about the things one should do to keep their followers entertained.

  1. As an influencer, it is a duty of yours to influence people or followers you have in your account in many ways. You can motivate them in this struggling period of pandemic by expressing encouraging thoughts of yours via using the stories, IGTV, live videos, etc. 
  2. Make sure to post trendy things to entertain your users. Be creative and smart about it so that your followers become interested while seeing your posts.
  3. It is important to be frequent on your posts as an influencer. If you stop posting for some days, your followers might get bored and unfollow you and you lose them. To attract more followers, make sure, your posts are frequent. But do not make the mistake of posting so many things per day. It will annoy anyone who is scrolling their home.


Ivy Skye Marshall: Ivy, a social justice reporter, covers human rights issues, social movements, and stories of community resilience.