Important Instagram stats you need to know in 2021


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Instagram was launched back in 2010 and since then, it has changed so much that we hardly recognize it. The good thing however is that it changed for the better. It changed from being a visual-centric platform to source of income for people who create content and a sales channel for businesses. The platform has been able to gain more users. Its customer base has grown steadily and with the introduction of the e-commerce side, it has been able to capture more businesses. Instagram is the kind of platform that runs on numbers and being able to understand platform-specific statistics is very important.

When you are using Instagram to generate revenue or market your business, you will need to understand specific trends and types of data that the platform collects to power its business. In this article, I will look at useful Instagram user statistics that you need to understand beyond just Instagram Follower kaufen,.

Age and gender

When you compare Instagram to Facebook, you will realize that the latter social media platform is mostly used by younger people. Statistics indicate that more than half of all users of this platform in the world are below the age of 34 years. In many countries, it is the most preferred platform by teenagers. Of all demographics, people between the ages of 18 and 24 years make the highest number of users. The number of female and male users among teenagers is almost equal, with only a small difference in the numbers.

When you understand useful statistics like this, you are able to make informed decisions in your business to drive brand recognition and reach deeper. If you deal with a business where most of your customers are your people, then Instagram is the best social medial platform for you.


Like I stated above, Instagram has a huge audience and since it has been around for a decade, its reach is now global. The distribution of users is however not even, with the highest number of users residing in the US, followed by India, and then Brazil. The international user base is bigger than the user base in the company’s home country of US. That means that international users and companies can now benefit a lot from the power that the platform offers them.


The parent company of Instagram if Facebook and it would be expected that more people would be advertising on Facebook compared to Instagram, but that is not the case. Internal studies indicate that more businesses are advertising on Instagram than on Facebook. That means that when considering advertisement revenue, Instagram is generating more than Facebook. As such, Facebook will rely more on Instagram when it comes to advertisement.

Besides advertising, there is also a relatively new feature called Instagram Shopping, which allows users to shop for different products on the platform. Users now have the ability to search products within the app and even add the items they find to a shopping cart. This gives sellers a lot of power because they can now showcase their products directly to consumers.



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