Information for Finding a Rehab Center That allows Dogs

If you’re seeking treatment for an addiction, you might be wondering where to find a rehab center that allows dogs. Pets provide unconditional love and can be the perfect therapy companion for many individuals. Unfortunately, most drug and alcohol treatment centers don’t allow dogs on their premises. However, a growing number of centers are beginning to change their policies and allowing dogs to accompany their clients may have important health benefits. Read on to find out how you can take your pet to rehab with you.

Pet-friendly rehab centers are becoming more common. Many luxurious treatment centers allow pets, but the prices can be prohibitive for many people. If you want to bring your dog to rehab, make sure to check with admissions staff to see what type of facility you’ll be going to. A rehab center that allow dogs may also have certain restrictions or even private suites for pets. You can also call the facility to see if your specific treatment center allows pets.

The main advantage of allowing dogs in a rehab center is the benefits for patients. Your pet won’t judge you. They won’t make you feel bad about yourself, and they’ll provide you with comfort during trying times. And as the benefits of a rehab center that allows dogs to accompany their patients are well documented, more people are accepting of dogs in their programs. There are even studies to support this claim.

The benefits of a pet-friendly rehab center are numerous. Besides providing therapeutic and emotional benefits, dogs also provide a therapeutic environment where patients can interact with other animals. For some, these benefits are more tangible than just a pleasant pet. Dogs can relieve stress, depression, and other mental health issues. A dog can be a source of constant companionship, and petting a dog can improve blood flow, reduce anxiety, and help a patient cope with the negative feelings associated with addiction.

Another facility that welcomes dogs into its programs is Capo by the Sea, which is located in a seaside resort south of Los Angeles. They specialize in alcohol and drug rehab, and accept dogs on a case-by-case basis. The staff at Capo By The Sea is passionate about animal welfare and cares about their patients’ relationships with their pets. You can bring your dog as long as it’s in good health.

While most rehab centers don’t allow pets in the facility, some allow them as part of an animal-assisted therapy program. The therapy benefits of pets include companionship and improved outcomes. Different rehab centers allow different types of animals while others don’t. However, you should find out the policies before you bring your pet to rehab. Some centers are pet-friendly only if they accept certain types of pets. If you’re not sure which type of animal is allowed, call and ask.

You can ask the facility you’re considering whether they accept service dogs. Many rehabs allow dogs as a part of animal-assisted therapy. If it doesn’t, you can always look elsewhere. Depending on the program, you can ask whether a facility allows dogs as part of their treatment plans. For example, a center that accepts service dogs might not allow dogs for other reasons. If you’re unsure whether a rehab center allows dogs, call ahead and ask.


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