LaunchGood Supporting the Banking While Muslim ISPU Study

This article is sourced by: ISPU: Banking While Muslim

In the face of a growing concern about discriminatory practices faced by Muslim individuals, businesses, and nonprofits in the American financial system, LaunchGood, a crowdfunding platform with a mission to support diverse projects, has taken a proactive stance to address these challenges. The 2022 American Muslim Poll conducted by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU) revealed alarming statistics about Muslims’ experiences with financial institutions, prompting a call for further investigation and action.

The ISPU study, titled “Banking While Muslim,” found that Muslims are the most likely faith group to report challenges with financial institutions, such as being denied the opening of an account, having an account suspended or closed, or facing investigations into their financial transactions. LaunchGood recognizes the importance of addressing these issues to ensure equal access to financial services for all members of the community.

Insights for Understanding and Addressing Obstacles for Muslims in Banking

The data from the study highlights various demographic divides within the Muslim community, shedding light on specific challenges faced by different age groups, racial/ethnic backgrounds, gender, and nativity. Notably, Muslims aged 30-49 and white Muslims appear to be particularly vulnerable to facing difficulties while transacting with financial institutions. These findings underscore the need for targeted efforts to understand and rectify the systemic obstacles that certain segments of the Muslim population encounter.

Furthermore, the study reveals disparities in challenges faced with personal, business, and nonprofit accounts. Muslims report facing obstacles across all these account types, impacting their ability to manage personal finances, run businesses, and operate nonprofit organizations. The reasons cited by financial institutions for these challenges include issues with other accounts, restrictions on international transactions, and low credit scores.

LaunchGood Supporting Muslims

In response to these findings, LaunchGood has committed to supporting initiatives that address the unique financial challenges faced by Muslims in the United States. The crowdfunding platform aims to empower individuals, businesses, and nonprofits within the Muslim community by providing a space for them to raise funds and gain support for their projects. LaunchGood recognizes the importance of financial inclusion and equal access to economic opportunities, and it stands in solidarity with those who have faced challenges while banking.

LaunchGood encourages community leaders, policymakers, and scholars to engage in constructive conversations about the issues raised by the ISPU study. While the study provides valuable insights, further investigation and action are necessary to address and rectify discriminatory practices within the financial system. By working together, the community can advocate for change, foster financial inclusion, and ensure that all individuals, regardless of their background, can fully participate in the economic and civic life of the United States. LaunchGood remains committed to supporting initiatives that promote justice, equity, and inclusion within the financial sector and beyond.


Ivy Skye Marshall: Ivy, a social justice reporter, covers human rights issues, social movements, and stories of community resilience.