Learn some school tips as parents of children with special needs

When you have a kid (or children) with special needs, back-to-school season is much more of a challenge. As a parent, you will need to stock up on new school supplies, such as uniforms, backpacks, and lunchboxes (from the thousands of options available).

However, if your kid has special needs, you’ll have to consider a slew of additional considerations throughout this process. These are explained well by lexingtonservices. Accommodations should be in place prior to your arrival.

During a meeting in May, you met with your child’s case manager, teacher, and therapists to discuss their progress. There was no hiccup in your child’s IEP. You have reviewed and approved the IEP. Then, you may think that everything in the IEP would be put into place and set up for your kid when they arrive at school on their first day.

Consult with your child’s team, case manager, or guidance counselor before returning to school. Make sure that all agreed-upon supports are ready to go before the event. The sooner you learn about potential concerns, the more prepared you and your kid will be for the start of the school year.

Create a Checklist for Reliable and Simple Communication

Even if you’ve assured everyone at your child’s school that you’re accessible and easy to work with, you may not hear from anybody until report card time (unless there is a severe concern to resolve). Understandably, you’d want to know what’s going on, both so you can chat to your kid about the day and also so you can handle any potential concerns before they turn into genuine ones.

This may be accomplished by providing a daily binder with a simple checklist that can be passed back and forth. While your kid is getting home, you may ask the teacher or aide simple yes/no or short-answer questions.

The teachers will possess Resources They Need to Help Your Child

When it comes to helping your kid be calm and focused, coping with changes, or interacting with other children, you are the most significant person to turn to.

Gather Details on Extracurricular Activities and Special Events

Special needs children are more likely to have difficulty remembering or passing along information about extracurricular activities and school-sponsored events. In the matter of making your kid excited about school, non-academic initiatives are frequently the most incredible place to start.

For your child’s sake, you may have to join the appropriate mailing lists, collect flyers and pamphlets, scour bulletin boards, and create contacts.

Organize Your Child’s Timetable for the New School Year

Even children with special needs find it easier to deal with stress when they know what to anticipate. Special needs kids require timetables to help ease their anxieties and prepare them for upcoming changes.

School timetables are sometimes provided in writing, although this is not always the case (or is done orally, which doesn’t assist much!). In order to help your kid, adjust to the new year and anticipate future events, vacations, etc., you’ll need daily schedules and calendars tailored to their age and skill level.


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