Making a Home Away from Home in Student Accommodation

Moving into student accommodation in Birmingham can be an exciting and daunting experience. When it comes to making the right choice of accommodation, there are a few essential things you should consider. In this article we’ll look at what to look for when choosing student accommodation, from location to facilities and even budgeting.


When looking for student accommodation, one of the key things to think about is where it’s located. Make sure you do your research and that the location is convenient for you. If you’re studying at a university or college, chances are the campus already has its own student housing options available. This is an ideal option if you want to live close by and have easy access to campus amenities such as libraries, cafés and gyms.  Additionally, living on-campus means that you are also likely to make new friends quickly as other students will be living in the same area. 

If you decide not to live on-campus then it’s important that your chosen accommodation is within easy reach of public transport links or walking distance of your university or college. This will make it easier for you to get around and ensure that you don’t miss any lectures or classes due to transportation issues.  

Cost & Budgeting 

Student accommodation can be expensive so it’s important that you factor in all costs before deciding which option is best for you. On-campus housing may seem more expensive than alternative options but these fees usually include utilities such as water, electricity and internet access as well as heating and maintenance costs which could end up costing more if paid separately elsewhere. It’s always worth checking out different types of student housing before making a decision – hostels, private flats or houses may appear cheaper initially but remember they may come with hidden costs like deposits or advanced rent payments which can add up quickly over time.   

Facilities & Amenities  

The type of facilities included will vary depending on where your chosen student accommodation is located—so make sure that all amenities are clearly stated on any contracts before signing anything! Most commonly these will include basic kitchen appliances such as a fridge/freezer, oven/hob as well as a washing machine/tumble dryer. If possible try to find out what furniture items come with each room such as beds and desks; this way there won’t be any unexpected surprises when moving day arrives!   Other facilities could include free Wi-Fi access, communal areas (such as a lounge or garden) and security measures like CCTV cameras around the building or 24-hour staff cover; these may not always be essential but can offer peace of mind when living away from home for the first time.   

Lease Terms & Conditions    

Before committing yourself fully check all terms carefully including length of lease and cancellation policies; some leases may require payment even if you don’t stay in the property until the end date so read through everything thoroughly before signing anything!   Once all paperwork has been signed off it’s important to keep copies safe – just in case! All documents should also contain contact information for both parties should there be any disputes during your stay most importantly try not to forget about them – if any issues arise speak up early rather than letting things drag on unnecessarily!


Ivy Skye Marshall: Ivy, a social justice reporter, covers human rights issues, social movements, and stories of community resilience.