Signs Your Air Ducts Need Cleaning

With regular used of your heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, there will be accumulation of debris and dust particles in the vent. This will manifest in several ways such as dust coating on the grill on return air registers; dust or pet hair trapped in the vent and wisps of dust puffing out from the air duct when you turn on the HVAC.

A dirty HVAC restricts the heating and cooling. During winter, heat exchangers clogged with dirt cannot warm the air efficiently while in summer the air is not cooled efficiently. This will increase the HVAC run time while consuming more energy in cooling and heating your home.

Mold and Dusty ducts 

The heating and cooling system may develop condensation with may result into mold growth in the duct. This happens especially in humid climates. The molds may appear around the vent covers. This is usually not obvious since other components in the HVAC are hidden and could prove difficult to visually detect mold. 

At times the house is dusty no matter how often it is cleaned. In case you realized that your house hold items get dusty immediately you finish cleaning, it is probably the duct that is dirty. If you are keen, you may notice dust coming from the vents as soon as you turn on the HVAC system. Visually inspect the ductwork by removing vent cover of filter.

You can prevent dust buildup by replacing or cleaning your HVAC filters frequently. You should also control excessive moisture in your home by installing a whole-home dehumidifier.

Renovations and Remodeling

Renovating a house is a messy affair. Even the most diligent contractors who clean up and close off their work areas, dust and debris will always find its way into the duct. The HVAC system ought to be turn off and completely covered during the renovations to minimize the accumulation of dust in the system. 

However, this is not realistic for many home owners and as such avoiding dust and debris in the ductwork is impossible. The construction dust contains a lot of nasty particles that you should avoid breathing in. after the constructions, the situation ought to be remedied as fast as possible to avoid respiratory complications.

Rising Energy Costs

Month after month, your energy bill should be predictable. A sharp increase in your energy bill should be a warning sign that your ductwork needs inspection. Unless there is an additional heavy appliance installed in the home, your HVAC is to blame.

Dust and debris could completely clog the duct that air cannot freely. In such case, your air conditioner and furnace are forced to work harder to maintain the optimal temperatures. The more the work the system faces, the more energy is needed which translates to higher electrical bill.

Another indication is where you notice rooms are getting the same level of airflow. In cases where the vents are fully open, all the rooms in the house should ideally get consistent airflow. The variations may be due to blocked vents. Call professionals like Utah Air Duct Cleaning for proper maintenance of your system. 


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