The Best Rotary Tattoo Machine For You

You recently purchased a new tattoo machine and discovered it doesn’t give you the best results. You’re not getting the best look or the best finish. In some cases, you even experience pain when you first start getting the tattoos. You’re left wondering if you should return the machine or purchase another one.


How To Use A Rotary Tattoo Machine?


When it comes to using a rotary tattoo machine, you’re probably most concerned about the placement of your designs. The placement of your design is very important. You want your tattoo machine to lie where it will lie on the skin. This means you’ll want the design to be able to be seen clearly without being too obvious about where it is.


Another important thing to consider is the speed at which your tattoo machine dries your designs. Most tattoo machines will reach a temperature of around -30˚C to -40˚C ( ML to R). This is quite hot while wearing gloves, but it’s not too much of an issue for a person with really sensitive skin.


How Long Does A Rotary Tattoo Machine Take To Tattoo?


As with any cosmetic surgery, you want to assure that you can get the most out of your new tattoo machine from the start. Washing and conditioning your skin should be a minimum requirement. After that, it’s up to you to design your unique design and make it look exactly as you remember it.


To guarantee that you’re getting the most of your new machine, you want to assure that you follow these steps:


Wash your face with a face wash and toner before you put your new tattoo machine through its paces. If you’re using the machine to create a collage or a print, wash your face with a Face Wash and toner before the process even starts. Condition your skin before you put it through the paces.


These don’t sound like very high levels of advice, but they are essential if you want to get the most of your new machine. After all, your skin is the most important part of your body. If it’s not taken care of, then something as simple as red-eye or an illegible tattoo will turn your skin red and puffy, affecting your vision and making it more difficult for you to stand or walk.


How Much Does A Rotary Tattoo Machine Cost?


Most of the newer rotary machines come with a two-year warranty, though some will also come with a three-year guarantee. Depending on your particular needs, this could be very helpful in making sure your machine is properly installed and working for you.


A good rule of thumb is that if you spend more than $1000 on a new machine, you should probably consider yourself lucky. Most of the best rotary tattoo machines will last you at least a decade, though some will last longer.


How Long Does A Rotary Tattoo Machine Last?


If you’re looking into getting your own, you’ll want to assure that you’re putting enough time and effort into it. It’s not unusual to see someone order their rotary tattoo machine for two years, then throw it away because it just wouldn’t hold up.


After about six months, you should start to see the sign of wear and tear on your old machine. If it still feels great to use, you should expect it to last a good while before it needs to be replaced.



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