Fashion taste differs, experiences and sentiments are varied too, and these are crucial factors in picking the right wedding dress that speaks to you. There are various things to consider when picking a wedding dress. Out of these, two are most important. These two are

  • Budget
  • Style

The budget is important for obvious reasons. For many women, the wedding gown is the most expensive dress they end up owning in their lives. This is not to imply one goes all out with budgeting for this. There are tons of amazing dresses which tick all the right boxes and can be gotten for a steal. Starting married life in debt is not ideal, so it is important to stick to budget, and get a wedding dress that suits you and your budget.

Style is equally as pertinent a factor as the budget. You want to get a dress that fits you perfectly, every fold and fabric of the dress complimenting your person in every way. Choosing the right style can be daunting; most brides do not even know what they want when they first set out researching and shopping. With valid advice from consultants, friends and family, you can easily end up with the dress that ultimately suits you. There are various dress styles available at reputable stores; you could check out their sites. An example of such is These include

  • Mermaid wedding dresses
  • Sheath wedding dresses
  • Column wedding dresses
  • Ball-gown wedding dresses
  • A-line wedding dresses
  • Trumpet wedding dresses

Each of these wedding shapes fit a certain type of image that might want to be projected. Let us look into a few of them below

  • The mermaid wedding dress

This dress style is simply amazing. It is fitted throughout the torso; on the bust, waist, and hips. It is usually strapless (but can have straps) and customarily, has a plunging neckline that is not too shocking. This dress is amazing for giving the bride an hourglass figure, or for enhancing and complimenting the figure if she already has. It is flared from the knees downwards, and is usually paired with ruffles, tulle or ruching, to further embellish its beauty

  • The sheath wedding dress

This dress style is simple; it is fitted at the waist and does not require as much fabric as other dress styles. This style can be made with almost every type of fabric, countering its implicit lack of volume. It is perfect for brides that love and want a free and easy style. It can sometimes come with a long train

  • The ball-gown style

Have you been dreaming of a fairy-tale like wedding since you were a child? This is the gown for you. This gown usually has a bodice, fitted usually with a corset, and a full length skirt. The skirt is perfect for accentuating hip size

  • The trumpet wedding dress

The trumpet wedding dress is characterized by its similarity to the mermaid wedding dress. The difference lies in the fitted knees. The trumpet dress is not as fitted at the knees or hips. Rather, it retains its shape downwards until it starts getting wider at the lower thighs.


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