The Role Of Technology In Shaping The Future ByBret Talley

Unpredictable ways in which technology is altering how we live and work are difficult to foresee. In a relatively short time, the types of occupations that will be available, the products that will be for sale, and even how humans will interact will all change drastically. Some have attempted to predict what the future contains for us, but most agree that such attempts are futile in today’s world of rapid innovation and technological advancement. Still, we can predict certain aspects of our future.

Technology Is Playing A Greater Role In Shaping The Future

Never before has technology been more influential in shaping the future. Technology will alter how we live, work, play, and learn as we continue to evolve, according to Bret Talley. In modern society, we have access to so many different types of technology that it can be occasionally overwhelming. 

  • Smartphones with apps that allow rapid texting and video calling worldwide.
  • Laptops and tablets enable us to work anywhere with Wi-Fi.
  • Smart TVs for cable-free movie streaming.
  • GPS navigation gadgets.
  • Drones that let low-income travelers observe the world from above.

No One Can Predict The Future

The future is unpredictable, and no one can predict it with absolute precision. According to Bret Talley, numerous factors, such as technology, politics, and economics, can influence the appearance of the world in twenty years.

Based on these factors, we can make educated predictions about what may occur, but there is no way to know for certain what will occur. Humanity has so many possibilities that we don’t need to worry about missing something amazing because we didn’t plan or act quickly. The best thing we can do is to be as prepared as possible for whatever comes our way by obtaining new skills and building relationships with those with access to resources.

Future Technology Use Will Be More Widespread

Technology is becoming more user-friendly. The average smartphone user has access to more than 2,000 applications, which are becoming increasingly user-friendly each year. As a result, people can spend more time on their phones without having to learn how everything functions or become frustrated by complex interfaces.

Everyone has cheaper technology. In just a few years, computers have gone from luxury commodities only seen in workplaces and schools to reasonable household things that most households could afford if they wanted one. Every year brings new computer technology that helps manufacturers lower prices while maintaining quality throughout the supply chain.

Society Will Be Affected By AI Soon

Artificial intelligence will have an impact on society soon. AI will be used in all aspects of society, from personal use to business use and government use. Technology can help people make decisions by performing tasks that are currently done by humans.

Technology And Innovation Are Transforming Society

The rate of technological innovation is accelerating, and the profoundness of the resulting changes is intensifying. It can be difficult to keep up with the rate at which technology is evolving, but if you don’t, you’ll fall behind.

Technology is evolving quicker than ever before, and this trend will continue until we reach a tipping point where things become so drastically different that they are nearly unrecognizable. The good news is that this also means that there are opportunities for those who want them: if you’re willing and able, there’s no reason why your company shouldn’t immediately benefit from implementing new technologies.


Ivy Skye Marshall: Ivy, a social justice reporter, covers human rights issues, social movements, and stories of community resilience.