Tips For Sharpening and Balancing Mower Blades

A sharp edge is essential for lawn mower blades. Regularly sharpening and balancing the mower blades is necessary for optimal performance. Incorrectly sharpened mower blades can cause the mower to vibrate and can damage internal components. Properly balance mower blades by hand, using a file with about 50 strokes. You can also purchase a grinder to sharpen the mower blades quickly. However, grinding can cause the blade to overheat, damaging it. To maintain a sharp edge, the blade should be sharpened from the top.

Depending on the type of grass and lawn, replacing the blade is necessary as well. Mower blades will deteriorate more quickly if you cut a large area. Additionally, the blades will need to be replaced if they accidentally hit objects. Generally, you should replace the blades at least once a year. You can also use a multi-purpose blade. High-lift blades can range from 1 to 21 inches in length.

To remove the blade, first loosen the nut holding it to the mower spindle. Then, remove the spacer washers and plates. If they are stuck or rusted, you can use penetrating oil to remove them. You can also clean the blade thoroughly before sharpening it. Just make sure to use penetrating oil on the main bolt, because if the nut becomes rusty or stuck, you can use a lubricant to remove it.

To sharpen a mower blade, you should start by removing the retaining nut. Once loose, carefully remove the mower blade from the deck. You can do this by removing it using a vice or a sturdy clamp. Make sure to lay newspaper over the blade to catch any stray metal filings. Once you have removed the blade, you can lubricate it with penetrating oil or use a stiff bristle brush.

Before you replace your mower blades, you should consider how to balance it. Proper blade balance will prevent the blade from vibrating or shaking. Unbalanced blades will also cause other parts of the machine to wear out prematurely. To check the balance of your blades, hang the blade over a fixed point. If the blades are not balanced properly, you can adjust the balance with a grinder or file. You should then place them back on the mower using a socket and a wrench.

After removing the bolt, you can remove the mower’s blade. To prevent the mower from starting again, disconnect the spark plug wire. Also, make sure to turn off the gas tank before removing the blade. Ensure that the air filter is on top of the engine before removing the mower blade. Make sure to remove the gas tank and the air filter before replacing the blade. The blades should then be installed right side up on the mower.

Another factor in choosing the right mower blades is the type of lawn you want to cut. Mulching blades are essentially multipurpose and have notches that separate fine clippings from the rest of the lawn. Mulching blades are best for lawns that are not overgrown. Mulching blades also allow you to bag the clippings and discharge them into a separate bag. These different blades have varying benefits for your lawn.


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