Tips to choose the best domain name provider or company


Buying a domain name is a very important step that every business should take. Your domain name is your unique identifier and it is what your customers will use to find you. To buy a domain name, you must look for a domain name provider. A domain name provider is simply a registrar responsible for the registration and the managing of a domain name for the web. Choosing the best company to buy your domain name is a very important step. Although there are many registrars out there, it can be very simple for one to get tricked. Here are some of the most suitable ways through which one can choose the best domain name company or registrar

Check the registration period and the pricing

Although pricing should not be a major determinant, it is still a very important factor to be considered when choosing a domain name registrar or company. Some registrars offer lower prices while others are pricy. Some registrars will offer you affordable prices only to find out later that there are other additional fees. Besides, there are also renewal prices that you may be forced to pay. It is very possible to register a domain name for one year although there are companies that demand that you register for at least 2 good years. If your web address is new, you should consider registering your domain name for a year.

Check the domain transfer

Before choosing a domain name company, you should also consider domain name transfers. It is very possible to move your domain name from one registrar to the other. You do not have to transfer the domain name immediately after you have bought it but when you are unhappy with the service you are being offered, you can still choose to transfer it. All you have to know is that it’s impossible to transfer your domain name for at least 60 days after registration. After the 60 days elapse, you can choose to continue with the registrar or choose a different one. Before you transfer the domain, you should never forget to review the transfer history. The same applies to when you buy domain and hosting

The expiry policy

While choosing your domain name registrar, you should never fail to check the expiry policy as well. Domain names are normally registered for a certain period. Instead of waiting for the period to expire, you can choose to renew the domain name before it does. If the domain name expires, anyone can easily take possession of it and register it as their own. Therefore, you should be very careful with the expiry policy. It is recommended that you go through it thoroughly before you settle for a registrar.

Add-on services

Apart from just registering your domain name, what else can a domain name registrar offer? Even though you may not need the services at that time, it would be important to find out more about them and why they offer them. Other services may include domain parking, privacy, and expiration protection among other services.


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