Top Reasons to shift to the Best Email Testers Right Now

Email marketing – a digital marketing tributary that possesses such immense potential that it can actually sky-rocket your conversion rate, but the sad part is that most of this potential is still undiscovered. An effective way of realizing the latent caliber of email marketing is by testing your email campaigns and that’s what the article talks about. 

We’ll be looking at some major reasons to go for the best email testers. But before hopping onto the reasons, let’s look at what email testers have to offer.  

Email Testers – What They Are

Email testing tools or email testers are the ultimate way of previewing all the attributes of your email campaign. The sender can conveniently relook at the design, grammatical errors, links, and much more, helping him to present the campaign more engagingly. 

But are the benefits of the top email testing tools confined merely to the above-listed ones? Surely, not! Here are some of the most appreciable reasons why you should never hesitate to go for the best email testers. 

Reasons to Go for the Best Email Testers 

Here are the reasons.

  • Lack of standard templates for emails 

You might have come across various email applications like Apple Mail, Outlook, Gmail, etc. and an attribute that makes them distinct is their style of presenting the email. In other words, there is no standard template for presenting emails. For instance, Apple mail may use a different method of image optimization than Outlook, and thus, a small error by the application may affect the response rate drastically. 

Talking about smartphones, some of them may be efficient in handling HTML emails, while some may not, which influences the conversion rate to a great extent. Thus, it becomes necessary for the sender to test the emails before sending them to ensure a deserving response. 

  • Need to dodge the spam filters 

Spam filters stand among the biggest threats to an email campaign. Though it won’t be justified to call them useless, still, you can easily recall incidences where useful emails land in the spam folders too. Thus, spam folders can be troublesome for a genuine email campaign too.

We all know that spam folders hold a list of spam words and if your email contains any of those words – boom! Your email’s taken straight to the spam folder! Thus, testing your emails becomes necessary as they help the sender identify spam words and dodge the spam folder. 

  • Easy email editing 

Email testers take up some burden on their shoulders as they facilitate easy editing and identification of spam factors. Besides, they also help the sender to cater to users with varied devices and operating systems as each email application uses a distinct protocol. 

The Bottom Line 

Email testers offer an appreciable range of advantages to the users and surely, they’re among the best email marketing tools. Thus, you should never ignore testing your emails and make them straight to the receivers’ inbox. 


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