Understanding the Success of Luxuria Diamonds

The cost of real diamonds depends on a lot of factors. These “price factors” include – cut quality, colour, clarity, carat weight, stone shape, cutting style, transparency, and whether the diamond is treated or untreated. Of course, these factors apply to real diamonds only. But, what factors should shoppers who aren’t shopping for real diamonds but imitation jewellery look for? The “price factors” for imitation diamonds are different. The cut quality (proportions and finish) plays a vital role in the prices of these “fake” or “mock” diamonds. The better their design and look, the more they’ll cost.

Understanding the Rise in Demand for “Fake” Diamonds

Fake diamonds are high in demand for various reasons. Firstly, top designers and jewellery experts from across the world are coming together for the first time to enter the field of imitation jewellery. These imitation jewellery designers are creating some of the best Luxuria Diamonds the world has ever seen using diamond simulants. Diamond simulants are stones that look and feel like a diamond but cost a hundred times less than the originals. Materials such as cubic zirconia stones are used to create these diamonds. These “fake” diamonds are popular for two key reasons. Firstly, women or men don’t want to overspend on buying authentic diamonds every few months. Secondly, the high price of authentic diamonds prevents many people from expanding their jewellery collections every year. That’s why instead of waiting one or two years to buy authentic jewellery, they are investing in imitation jewellery made of high-quality cubic zirconia or other low-priced materials. 

Buying the Best ‘Fake’ Diamonds

Even while shopping for fake diamonds, one must focus on getting the best of the ‘fake’ pieces of jewellery that last for long periods. Top imitation jewellery brands like Luxuria, grade cubic zirconia stones and other stones they use to create fake diamonds on the basis of their carats, colours, clarities, and cuts. They use hand-cut cubic zirconia stones that not just look high-quality but also last for decades.


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