Understanding What Trapped Emotions Are: Getbalancedemotions

Why do known negative emotions recur regardless of the circumstances? Alternatively, why do relationships and professional insecurities recur? The simple remedy may be emotional barriers in your body that are leaking out as unpleasant feelings as a result of trauma or a traumatic life experience. All of which impede your ability to reach your greatest potential in life.

It makes no difference how significant or insignificant these mental hurdles are because your body makes the choice for you. We’ve all heard the expression “they died of a broken heart,” which demonstrates the strength of emotions. Anxiety and other bad emotions can take up residence in your body. In this video, you’ll learn how to use your body to release repressed emotions and heal tension, anxiety, and trauma.

What Exactly Is Emotion Code Therapy

Emotion Code Therapy is a type of psychotherapy that makes use of the Emotion Code principles. The Emotion Code is a unique method of emotional discharge that getbalancedemotions offers.

This simple-to-use but extremely effective healing therapy works by finding and releasing negative emotions that have laid dormant in the subconscious mind since your conception. These imprisoned emotions are responsible for pain, self-sabotage, mental health concerns, and all forms of dysfunction and disease. This involves physical pain (anger or depression), chronic tiredness, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), phobias, or panic attacks.

Because it contains all of your negative emotions, one may consider the subconscious to be a blueprint for your entire body. Your subconscious contains all of the information you require about yourself and the circumstances in which you find yourself.

What Is The Emotional Coding System

Using the Emotion Code, you can find and release negative emotions that your subconscious mind has stored in your body in order to protect you from more harm.

Emotions have a significant influence on our life. Fear and fury are low-frequency emotions, whereas love and gratitude are high-frequency emotions. As a result, their neurological system becomes more stable, they become capable of self-repair from the inside out, and their mind and heart become more in tune.

Each emotion possesses its own unique energy signature. When emotional energy becomes entrenched in the body, the frequency they carry can create an imbalance in the body’s organs and tissues. Christina Kim’s getbalancedemotions technique demonstrates how negative emotions vibrate at lower frequencies, affecting your whole perspective on life, health, and experience.

Trapped Emotions Are Individually Identified And Release One A Time

Each ounce of emotional energy coiled up within you is valuable. Each of them has had an effect on you in some way. Regardless of whether you or someone else experienced it, each has a unique story to tell. These energies have a variety of effects on our bodies and thoughts, resulting in a wide variety of physical and mental diseases and challenges.

It makes no difference where they come from; they can have a huge effect on your life. The agony of suppressed emotions can be overwhelming at times! When a person is in severe physical pain, it is possible that their emotions have become enmeshed in the pain. When imprisoned emotions are released, the body’s ability to repair itself is restored. If you follow the Emotion Code, physical and emotional problems may subside or become significantly less severe.


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