Want Your Fake Id? Here’s How To Get One

Of course, your id does a lot of work these days. ID has become such an inevitable part of our life that we can hardly ignore it or put it aside with the fact that we don’t need it. Some adventures require them. And being a minor it’s really tough to keep inside the thrilling maturity and sacrifice everything because you don’t have your id. But what’s your point of view on having a fake id? They can save you from a lot of things starting from being caught by a professional on your adventures to being able to go on a detective trip.

But the main question that arises with this is, how and where to get one! Because finding one that serves with the perfect fake id and also that doesn’t seem like one is the hardest job. So yes! You are going to find someone who will do this job for you as well as do it flawlessly. The website idgod has done this job for many years, that too on a lead.


Will idgod do its job perfectly?

Yes, they will. They know how to design your fake id and will work on it respectively. To get your manufacturing request on loop, you need to go to their website and fill out the form that they have. This form will contain all the basic details, as well as the type of fake id you want them to get manufactured for you. After all, this is done, you need to initiate your method of payment and pay for the same. The method of your payment will largely decide the way it is going to get shipped, that is the number of days it would take to get it shipped. There’s also a criterion to this. If you initiate your payment with a cryptocurrency system, you are going to reach your product faster than other methods of payment. Try using that for a while.


The usual delivery time of the ids they generate

Though the whole delivery time depends majorly on the way of manufacturing your id and the days it takes in that. But it usually takes around about two to three weeks to get it shipped to you. They will first check all the details and then your payment process and then process with their shipping. Now, it doesn’t always mean that they will take 2 to 3 weeks to get your id manufactured and shipped. Sometimes it also will take less than 10 days to get the job done. But still, if you want a faster delivery stem you can opt for the exclusive priority membership that they have with them. With this membership plan, your id is going to reach you within three to seven days after the manufacturing is done. When you use cryptocurrency for your payment process, your order gets delivered within 1 to 2 business days.

This way getting to your id is super easy as well as you can get them super soon!



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