What are the phases of gambling addiction?

When it comes to betting, many people become addicted to it. Gambling addiction is a disorder that never lets the person succeed in life. No one wants to become a gambling addict due to its adverse effect. It begins when a person starts to gamble for recreational purposes. The interesting feature is that it offers the chance to spend quality time with friends while winning few bucks. People start to find comfort in this. As a result, they fell into addiction. Addiction to everything is worse, and a person should avoid it. In some cases, you never know how you fell into it. In the gambling world, you can find Ak47betwin.com. The site is super easy to use and offers tons of benefits. However, make sure not to fall into the addictions. Many people start it for fun, and it becomes their habit later. So, it creates a problem for them to concentrate in real life.

Winning or losing games: 

Gambling addicts are not only interested in winning or losing only. Their main purpose is to stay in action as much as they want. Playing gambling games increases the release of dopamine that is the pleasure hormone. The release of dopamine and adrenaline makes the gambler excited and happy. The effect is similar to cocaine. People find it best way to meet their body needs and get satisfaction. When a gambler wins, it provides a soothing and relaxing feeling to him. He starts to become happy temporarily. Out of happiness, he places more bets.

Phases of gambling: 

You may be unaware of this, but gambling has three phases. All these phases play a vital role in the life of a gambler. Some of them are listed below,

  • Wining phase
  • Losing phase
  • Desperation phase

All these phases activate one after the other. Upon winning, a gambler feels happy. Losing is a part of the game as well. You don’t win every game. The feeling of losing makes him depressed. After that, he gets involves in criminal activity. He starts to lie and steal money from his friends and family. In some cases, he turns to suicide. In a survey, it was concluded that 48% of gamblers suffer from the feeling of suicide and 9% die from suicide attempts.

Cause of these phases: 

That feeling occurs because gamblers are bright and creative people. Many gamblers are professionally complete and well-educated. Behaving like this causes them to generate internal distress. In this way, they violate their time and money. With time, they become more and more disconnected from their loved ones and professionals. Many people say that gamblers should stop after losing an excess of time and money. However, they should understand that gamblers can’t stop. The addiction causes a change in their mind, and they need treatment and recovery to overcome the addiction. In the initial stage, it is preferred for the gambler to stop. In this way, they can get rid of the mentally, spiritually, and emotional stress.


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