What Are The Right Ways To Use A Face Oil?

Facial "oil-cleansing" method

Face oils are liquid formulas that are in the form of oils made especially for the face. Face oil is generally made of organic plant concentrations and antioxidants to repair and rejuvenate the skin. 

The Right Way To Use Face Oils 

Face oils are extremely beneficial for the skin. No matter which skin condition you have, face oil can expertly solve them all. But before you start using the face oils, here are the correct ways to use face oils to the fullest. 

  • Always Dab The Face Oil To Absorb The Benefits:-One of the common mistakes, that people often commit while applying face oils is that they simply rub them on the skin. Rubbing the face oil means that you are just sliding it on the skin. This won’t let the oils go deep down in the skin. Whereas, when you dab the face oil on the skin, it can reach way inside the tissues of the skin. Dabbing leads to good absorption of the oil by the skin. This will help the skin gain all the benefits of the oil. 

  • Choose A Face Oil According To Your Skin:-When it comes to choosing skin care products, one must choose them according to their skin type and the requirements of the skin. The same rule applies to choosing face oils as well. For certain skin types, it is beneficial to apply face oils at the night. This will allow the skin to absorb the benefits of the oil overnight. On the other hand, certain skin types require the oil to be applied during the day to avoid acne and breakouts. Be sure to always pick face oils that suit the requirements and the type of your skin. 

  • The Face Oils Can Be Mixed With Other Skincare Products:- Face oil is highly versatile. It can either be applied directly to the skin, or it can be mixed with other skincare products. According to many skincare experts and professionals, facial oils work wonders when they are mixed with products like moisturizers and serums for increased benefits. If you want to repair your skin, it is recommended to mix the face oils with a serum. And if you want to moisturize and hydrate the skin, it is recommended to mix the face oils with a moisturizer. 
  • Apply A Few Drops Only:-The face oils are easy to apply and contain many beneficial nutrients and minerals. A few drops of the oil are ample to apply to the skin. For gaining the best benefits of the face oils, it is recommended that you take only a few drops of it into your hands and dab it gently on your skin for few minutes. This process is ideal for a good application of oils. 

Time To Wrap Up 

Face oils are widely used by people for treating and enhancing their skin. They are affordable, beneficial and light on the skin. For gaining flawless and hydrated skin, face oils are surely the best. 


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