What is a 360 Photo booth?

Pixster | 360 Degree Slow Motion Photo Booth

What is one of the most important thingswe love about attending a party or an event? With no doubt for most of us, its taking pictures and selfies with friends and relatives. With the amazing and gorgeous decoration of an event or party, clicking pictures of yourself along with friends and becomes irresistible isn’t it? Most events have a special place for taking pictures known as a Photo Booth. 

A Photo booth is a kind of vending machine with a camera and film processor where people can put coins and take pictures of themselves. Nowadays, photo booths have become virtual. A revolution in the classic photo booth is a 360 photo booth. A 360 photo booth allows people to take pictures and videos from a 360°angle. A traditional photo booth only captures pictures from one angle. However, the 360 photo booth is a place where pictures and videos are taken from all angleswhich gives a 3D effect. 

How does it work? 

The working of a 360 photo booth is simple, on a platform the guests or partyer are instructed to stand and strike a pose or do a move. A camera will spin around them creating a 360° angle in slow motion, capturing the moves of the guest from every angel. An instructor or director will guide the guests in order to take the most mesmerizing 360° videos. A host on the site will provide the completed videos to the guests through email or social media platforms. 

Why should you choose a 360 photo booth? 

  • It gives an ‘all in one’ experience:- A 360 photo booth is designed in a way which captures 360° videos, boomerangs and gifs all at one place at a time. It takes videos inslow motion toprovide a mind-blowing experience. 
  • It gives the ‘paparazzi’ vibe:- When at an event do you want to get that paparazzi feel? If yes then the 360 photo booth is made for you. It takes videosand photos from a 360° angle by an orbiting camera around the guest which will surely give them the celebrity feel.And the best part is that it only needs a single camera to perform all this magic unlike multiple cameras for different purposes. 
  • It blends into the decor of the event and pictures are received instantly:- A traditional photo booth is a box like structure with a camera to take pictures, however, a 360 photo booth doesn’t need any sort of structure like that. Apart from that, it can be customizedaccording to the idea and theme of the party/event making it look like an alluring part of the decoration. The photos and videos are instantly provided to the guests through email or other social media sharing platforms which is an added advantage we all need! 

On the whole, it can be said that a 360 photo booths for purchase is the most successful and fun filled part of any event or party. From taking 3D slow motion videos and boomerangs to clicking fantastic pictures and selfies, the 360 photo booth does it all in a blink of an eye! 



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