What is a trademark? How is it used?

A trademark is a word or a symbol that gives legal protection to a company or its services. Trademark is also known as a service mark, a trademark is used for goods, and a service mark is used for services. Trademark has related in such a way to your goods or services that The particular trademark becomes the brand identity of the product or the service. For example, let’s say brand A makes t-shirts a customer buys and r recommend them to a friend; the friend goes to another shop and sees that The other Shop is also using the quality of brand A by selling the same products, whereas if the brand a get its name trademark then no other company or the brand could take advantage of your brand.

How can a trademark be used?

Trademark helps you to guard your name brand name and find the fraud. One must try to have a strong trademark that any other company does not readily identify; the more substantial the trademark, the more quickly you can prevent it. The international trademark, which is not strong, makes it difficult for you to defend.

In simple words, in the world of this consumerism, everything is being sold; selling the product is indispensable to do branding and promotion, but if ten more companies use your name, then how your product will be stand out, that’s why to get your product trademark is very a must so that others do not benefit your goodwill or your brand value.

What all can be registered as a trademark

  • Name of the product, business, persons’ name,
  • Tagline, the tagline of the company or the brand can be trademarked as well; for example, the tagline of Nike “you can do it” tell its customers about the brand
  • Symbol must be an international trademark as it visually represents the brand or the company the customers of the particular company know by its symbol. For example, customers of Adidas have proper knowledge of its symbols.

What do you want to protect, and what not is dependent upon you. You can have a brand, but it depends upon you to get itself registered or not. If you choose not to register your brand, anyone can misuse your brand and create similar or identical types of products you are selling. You can’t tell the customers between the original and the fake brand, so if any customer wants to purchase your goods or services, that customer might purchase someone else product or services because they are not aware of the fake brand in the market. They wanted to buy your product as they trusted your brand’s reputation as they can’t see the difference between the original and fake.

While filing the registration, you must be careful about the common issues of the problems that arise. Some of the international trademarks are easily changeable or fixable so that unfortunately, some of you might get stuck by it, and you have to restart the application process.


Ivy Skye Marshall: Ivy, a social justice reporter, covers human rights issues, social movements, and stories of community resilience.