When Should I Issue An Entry Invoice?

The issuance of the A/P invoice is necessary whenever any movement of goods is carried out in the company. It is important to remember that tickets are not just about shopping. Therefore, we list here some situations in which the issuance of this type of invoice must be done to keep the tax obligations up to date with the trade registration online (จดทะเบียน การ ค้า ออนไลน์ which is the term in Thai):

  1. Product Purchases

The first and most common situation requiring the issuance of an entry invoice within a company is the purchase of products, mainly if they are imported. When the company makes an international purchase, the products arrive with a type of invoice that has no legal. Therefore, after receiving goods from abroad, it is necessary to issue a valid entry invoice or print a parcel address (จ่าหน้า กล่อง พัสดุ which is the term in Thai). Making this issue is essential not only to have control of the company’s stock but also to prove the legal receipt of the goods.

  1. Return Of Goods

Another common situation in companies that need to be registered with the issuance of a receipt is the return of goods, whatever the reason. In this case, the A/P invoice will serve as a document to formalize the cancellation of that sale and inform that the goods have been returned to the company’s stock.

  1. Return Of Goods For Industrialization

The release of incoming invoices is also necessary when the company receives ready-made products that have undergone industrialization after entering raw materials and inputs. When the products arrive modified, the company must issue the receipt invoice for receiving them in stock.

  1. Simple Remittance Return

This situation happens when the merchandise leaves the company for a reason other than a sale. When you return, your entry needs to be registered. Products may go out to be repaired or displayed at a fair, for example.

What Is An Invoice?

The A/P invoice is a document issued to formalize the receipt of goods in the company’s stock. This type of invoice is commonly used by the purchasing team and the financial sector of companies to control what was purchased for the company, why, how much, and when it was spent. Among these goods, raw materials used to manufacture other products and goods ready to be resold should be considered. Therefore, all companies selling or reselling products must issue an entry invoice. However, it does not mean that this type of invoice should only be issued when purchases are made. For example, other entries also need to be recorded, such as when there are product returns.


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