Worry-Free Travel with Our Left Luggage Facilities at Kings Cross Station!

Are you traveling through London and need a safe, cost-effective place to store your luggage? Look no further than affordable kings cross left luggage. This article will provide a breakdown of the left luggage facilities at King’s Cross Station and explain why they are the best option for travelers looking for secure storage options. 

Location and Fees 

The left luggage facility is located on Platform 9 in King’s Cross station. It is open every day from 06:00 am – 11:00 pm. The current fees for depositing items are £6 per item for up to 3 hours, £10 per item for up to 24 hours, and £7 per item per additional 24 hour period thereafter. Payment can be made by cash or credit/debit card. Once payment has been made, customers will receive a receipt which must be retained in order to reclaim the luggage.

The facility offers both lockers and shelves for storing items of different sizes. Lockers come in three sizes – small, medium and large – while shelves come in two sizes – small and medium. Customers can use the shelves without charge but must pay an additional fee if they wish to use the lockers. All locker sizes are suitable for large suitcases as well as smaller items such as backpacks and handbags. If you have larger items such as bikes or skis, these can also be stored in lockers provided they fit inside without causing any damage or obstruction.

In addition to the standard storage services, there is also a porter service available which allows customers to drop off their bags before 09:30am and pick them up after 05:30pm on the same day free of charge. This service is ideal for those who need short-term storage solutions but don’t want to pay extra charges associated with longer term storage.

All items stored must go through security screening prior to being accepted into the facility so it is important that all customers arrive early enough to allow this process to take place without disruption or delay. There is also a weight limit of 20kg per item so it is advisable that customers check this before depositing any items into the facility as heavier items may not be accepted due to safety reasons.

The facility offers CCTV surveillance at all times of operation along with staff on site during opening hours who are available should any assistance be required during your visit. To ensure your safety and security while using the facility it is also important that customers adhere strictly to all signage posted around the premises regarding prohibited items such as weapons, explosives, flammable liquids etc., as well as any other instructions given by staff members on duty at any given time.

Whether you are traveling through London or just looking for a secure place to store your belongings while away from home, affordable left luggage services at King’s Cross Station offer an ideal solution with competitive rates, flexible payment options and secure storage facilities staffed by experienced personnel. So if you find yourself in need of short or long-term storage solutions while in London then make sure you check out this convenient service offered by King’s Cross Station!


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