BZ1 CBD : Origins and History.

This variety with a lightly coded name is nothing more than the descendant of one of the world’s best-known genetics, “Pineapple Kush.” However, it is often confused with “Pineapple Express” because of the strong pineapple aromas it exudes, “BZ1” is the result of a Kush-type cross that generates compact, deep green flowers. Reportedly introduced around 2008 and among the first varieties with high CBD content, BZ1 is a 50% sativa and 50% indica legal hemp inflorescence.


BZ1 CBD has a strong aroma of pineapple and caramel. You will find sweet, buttery notes and a light minty aftertaste that will delight even the most refined taste buds.These flowers give off intense aromas, stimulating the salivary glands.

The Indoor cultivation method of this variety gives a flower of the highest quality and very fragrant.


The flowers are deep green in color, buds are compact, medium-sized.

These compact, glistening inflorescences are completely covered with resin and being a fine Indica, the effects are relaxing and bodily, very powerful and prolonged.

A perfect strain for “evening consumption,” when one wants to leave behind the worries of the day.

Also known as Pineapple Express, BZ1 CBD is a hybrid now famous and appreciated all over the world.


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