Common apostille blunders you should watch out for

Apostille services refer to the certification that you can give as proof of authenticity of the documents you bear for instance when switching citizenship to another country. It may sound easy when read however the steps that are involved can easily give you a lot of headache especially when you do not know where to begin from. For countries that have membership in Hague convention of 1961, having an apostille forFBI background check document is enough to let you use your documents for instance driving license in any country that you are in. The process of applying for an apostille is easy and there are numerous guides you can use online however today we shall asses that you must watch out for.

When to send original or notarized copies

There is an order which must e followed when you are looking for apostille services but everything relies on whether you give the right documents or not. One thing you must oversee is give the right documents that are not photocopied but original. You can however just use a notary copy when it comes to documents like your driver’s license. An original birth certificate is also needed however a notary can be used for those seeking to have their passport apostilled.

Sending documents to wrong address

One thing people ignore about apostille services is going back to the source of the document to get apostilled. This is the only way that the documents you are presenting for validation can be certified and recognized among different states. This means that if you were given your driving license in Texas, you must have it apostilled from Texas where the secretary of the state can do the same. You should double check the address you send your documents to lest you risk losing your precious documents. One of the common blunders people make is rush to parcel their documents for apostilling only to get the recipient details wrong.

Failure to update your documents

When seeking apostille services, you cannot have expired documents being validated during the same. You must pay attention to the documents you are submitting for approval as any expired documents will be discredited. You furthermore need to ensure you are giving documents that are not more than 1 year old. Renew your documents like driving license on time before you apply for apostille services.

Presenting notaries with expired certification

One thing that must never be done is presenting your notary with expired certification. It is of course the duty of the notary to ensure none of their certificates expire however you must take the initiative to check whether the expiry date is near or not. This will help you arrange for renewal on time before you need to use it and have to be embarrassed by the same. Never forget to verify your current standing once you are relying on your notary for certain needs. You must also avoid removing apostille from your account as that will mean commencing the process again.


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