THC and CBD in cancer

There is today a great interest in cannabinoids in the research world. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabidiol and cannabidiol are being studied extensively to investigate, among other things, whether they may have any effect in the treatment of cancer. Researchers have found that different cannabinoids can: cause cells to die and stop cells from dividing (multiplying). But they have also found that cannabinoids can damage important blood vessels in certain situations, as well as even encourage cancer cells to grow – so the results are contradictory. Thus, some studies have shown that cannabis use can protect against cancer and other studies have shown an increased risk of cancer.

However, there is evidence that the chemicals in Cannabis (THC & CBD) have a justified use in cancer treatment to counteract side effects associated with chemotherapy. The cannabinoids can help patients when it comes to side effects in the form of nausea, lack of appetite and pain in connection with chemotherapy.

CBD Oil in Cancer – Summary

It is understandable that many who become ill with cancer or whose relatives fall ill with cancer turn to alternative medicine, especially if the conventional treatments do not have the desired effect. In any case, it can help with the side-effects caused by the conventional treatment. The most important thing is that you buy weed online from a reputed online dispensary.

Can cannabis oil help your pets?

Most pet owners are aware of the awful situation in which the pet falls ill and experiences pain or discomfort. Sometimes, it is also not possible to get the animal to a veterinarian immediately so that treatment can begin.. However, you can have something lying around at home that can help many of the classic problems that an animal experiences. And there are currently only a few who know this.

We are talking about cannabis or CBD oil.

CBD oil for pets – what is it?

CBD oil is a form of cannabis oil. If you dwell on the word “cannabis” it is understandable. Cannabis is most often associated with the illegal euphoric substance. However, the difference between the cannabis smoked for high, and the CBD oil for animals is big. Both things are derived from the cannabis plant, cannabis sativa, and contain some of the same substances. The biggest difference is when we talk about THC. THC is one of the more than 80 substances in the cannabis plant, but THC is the most controversial.

Namely, it is THC that gives the psychoactive, euphoric effect on the brain. But if you remove the content of THC or reduce the amount to an absolute minimum, you cannot get “high” from consuming cannabis. And that’s exactly why CBD oil for animals is completely legal and can be used freely. The CBD oil does not contain THC.

CBD oil, on the other hand, has many of the other positive properties of the cheap weed plant – and they can be used, among other things, to relieve pain in animals.

Benefits of giving cannabis oil to pets

CBD oil can be used to counteract both physical and mental pain in animals.

One of the things that CBD oil for animals can be used for is anxious dogs. For example, there may be dogs that do not like to be alone at home. Here, the CBD oil can be used to reduce anxiety. Other things that CBD oil can have a positive effect on include:

  • Abdominal nodules
  • Infections
  • General pain
  • Healing of wounds
  • Adjustment of nutrition
  • Anxiety

In addition, there are those who believe that CBD oil can be used to fight cancer. It is still not scientifically proven, but if you look around online you can find lots of people who have had positive experiences with the use of CBD oil as an alternative treatment for cancer-stricken animals.

Start with small doses

When you buy weed online from reputed online  dispensary, you can rest assured you have legal and genuine products at hand.  Regarding dosage, it is quite difficult to give general advice in relation to the amount of CBD oil to be used for your pet.

In any case, we can say that you should always start with small amounts and then step up carefully, so that the pet gets used to the oil. The dosing is easy as most oils can be easily squeezed out in drop form via a pipette. So you can give the oil to your animals with a few drops in the food or similar.


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